Tuesday, August 25th

Romania’s public debt might reach 45% of the GDP this year

Romania’s public debt could hit 45% of the GDP at the end of this year, due to the economic downturn and the increase of the budget deficit, economists say. The economic analyst Constantin Rudnitski has said that Romania has constantly recorded budget deficits which led to an increase of nominal public debt in the last eight years, instead of fortifying its budget. The analyst also explained that when the state is spending more than the available income, the only alternatives left are loans or tax increases, but he added that the Romanian government has taken a right approach in borrowing around 70 billion lei in the first six months of this year in order to cover the growing deficit.

Concert dedicated to medical personnel, in Bucharest

A concert dedicated to medical staff involved in efforts to counter the COVID-19 pandemic has been held in Bucharest on Monday evening, in front of the Romanian Athenaeum. The show was performed by the Medics’ Orchestra of Dr. „Ermil Nichifor”, directed by the bandmasterIosif Ion Prunner. The concert, which featured works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Doru Popovici, Johann Strauss and Astor Piazzolla, was titled „Doctors for doctors” and was attended by a large audience, observing the sanitary protection rules.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban says that local elections will be held in safe conditions, on September the 27th

Local elections in Romania could take place in safe conditions, on September 27th, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has said, calling on candidates and their supporters, as well as voters, to observe the sanitary protection rules.

Ludovic Orban: The government will take all the measures to reduce to a minimum the risk of the virus spreading during the election campaign. This week, we will issue the joint order for sanitary protection, underlining the rules that candidates, their supporter and all those involved in the electoral process will have to respect and we are convinced that there will not be an additional risk of spreading the virus, as long as these rules are observed.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR