Thursday, April 18 2024

As Romanians are still facing problems at checkpoints on EU airports Romanian President Klaus Iohannis claims he is determined to address the issue

After a 13-year wait, Romania and Bulgaria partially joined EU’s Schengen area of free movement on March 31. However, Romanian travellers are still facing problems on EU airports with incidents already reported on airports in Vienna, Paris or Helsinki while similar cases were also reported in Italy and the Netherlands. “Such problems should be solved as quickly as possible”, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said in a statement before a EU summit in Brussels where a report of the EU Council mentioned the need for a total integration of Romania and Bulgaria in the passport-free Schengen area. Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta was expected to present a report and solutions on the matter as requested by the European Council. “There are regions seemingly failing to understand what Romania’s entry into Air Schengen area really means. I will hold talks on the matter with ministries in some EU countries supposed to address the matter in order to find solutions as soon as possible”, President Iohannis said as quoted by Radio Romania.

Romanian tourists stranded in Dubai

20 Romanian tourists attending a festival in Dubai were stranded on its airport following the floods on Tuesday when roads turned into rivers with homes and businesses isolated. However, the Romanians from the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, central Romania, are expected to be back to the country on Friday on the same flight with Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu who is about to end an official visit to the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Ciolacu hold talks with UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and other UAE high-ranking officials, representatives of major companies as well as members of the Romanian community in UAE. Shocking video showed Dubai International Airport – seen as the second-busiest airport in the world – under water with large jets looking like boats on their way to the airport.

Two pianos concerto at Romanian Radio’s Concert Hall

Romanian Radio’s Concert Hall will host the Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra by French composer Francis Poulenc on Wednesday, April 24. Maestro Cristian Maandeal will conduct the Radio Chamber Orchestra with Oxana Corjos and Cristian Niculescu as soloists. The Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in D minor was composed over a period of three months in 1932. The concerto was dedicated to Princess Edmond de Polignac, an American-born patron to whom many early 20th century masterpieces were dedicated including works of Stravinsky, Ravel and Satie. The performance also includes Gustav Mahlers’ Symphony No. 4.

RADOR – Alexandru Danga