News review of the day – May 5th

Romanian PM on a visit to UAE

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta is visiting the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, the last leg of his Gulf states tour which also included  Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Mr. Ponta is expected to meet high ranking officials and business representatives in Abu Dhabi. The Romanian government plans to get the country’s national airliner Tarom listed on the stock exchange as the Prime Minister is seeking a partnership with UAE counterparts. Mr. Ponta met the president of the Emirates Group for talks in Dubai while PM’s plans of restructuring the Bucharest International Airport were discussed at a meeting with UAE counterpart Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum on Monday.

Shepherds protest in central Romania

Shepherds along with some 300 sheep have gathered before the City Hall in Săcele, a community in the central Romanian county of Braşov, on Tuesday. There is no pasture available for the sheep while auctions on the matter have been repeatedly delayed, the shepherds claim. They accuse local authorities of renting pastures in the mountains around Săcele to shepherds from other regions. „Town hall counsellors are supporting their connections in Bran (a nearby town) while we are forced to move from one place to another. Where are we supposed to go with all these sheep?”, a shepherd told RADIO ROMANIA.

Romanian county police inspectorate under investigation

Prosecutors with Romania’s anti-corruption watchdog, the DNA, have raided the headquarters of the Police Inspectorate in Botoşani, a county in northern Romania, on Tuesday. Documents have been seized but no questioning had been underway, judicial sources said. Prosecutors were expected to conduct seven raids at public institutions in the town of Botoşani for crimes committed between 2014 and 2015, DNA sources reported.

Romanian mayor faces renewed accusations

Beatings, harassment and threats – such accusations were raised against the mayor of the Romanian north-eastern town of Iassy by Adina Samson, a city hall employee. Mayor Gheorghe Nichita is under investigation along with local police chiefs for corruption-related crimes. The mayor is also suspected of abuse of office in his personal relationship with Ms. Samson. Relations with Mr. Nichita ended in violence, she told reporters on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Mayor Nichita stopped short from making any comment when he returned to office after a day break later on Tuesday.

Alexandru Danga