News review of the day – October 29th

Prime Minister Victor Ponta addressed the Open Government Summit in Mexico

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has pleaded for open government and investment in new technologies that should help involve citizens in the decision-making process. Speaking in Mexico at the Open Government Summit, the Romanian PM said that authorities in Bucharest are trying to reach international standards in government democracy despite Romania being a young democratic state and member of the European Union. Transparency represents the best choice for any government as people expect openness and are ready to place their trust in the Executive should it prove it has nothing to hide – as pointed out by the PM, who added that political leaders have a duty to share their knowledge even if countries and regimes are different.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the way citizens choose to access public services and about civil society’s role in improving governence:

Victor Ponta: New technologies are now triggering the most radical change in governence. Romania has roughly 20 million citizens who don’t like to go daily to public institutions; they would rather access public services on their smartphones and computers to save time and money. That is why I believe governments have an interest in investing in new technologies and including them in governence activities.

During his speech, Prime Minister Victor Ponta has pointed out that governments should adapt to a changing world in order to address their citizens’ ever growing expectations.

Moldova’s coalition Cabinet loses no-confidence vote – reaction by Foreign Ministry in Bucharest

Following the fall of Moldova’s pro-EU coalition government today, Romania’s Foreign Ministry has stated that responsible Moldovan politicians should consider the country’s stability first and bear in mind the pro-European mandate given by the citizens in the latest elections. In a press release by the FM, the Romanian diplomacy pleads for a new Cabinet to be formed in Chisinau as quickly as possible which should continue Moldova’s efforts on the European pathway. Moldova’s coalition Cabinet led by Valeriu Streleţ lost a no-confidence vote in the Parliament today – RADIO ROMANIA reported.

Eco-agriculture is growing in Romania

Eco-agriculture is growing in Romania with 2% of all crops being managed in ecologic manner and making our country attractive for foreign investors, according to the relevant minister Daniel Constantin who attended a debate on this subject at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Romania.

Daniel Constantin: Ecologic crops have gone up by 37% and the number of operators has reached 25.000. Around 13.000-14.000 of them are now stable ecologic farmers and they are all expected to thrive soundly, step by step, as to make their business sustainable and durable. The best growth was registered in beekeeping, with 81.000 bee families now producing ecologic honey.

Women in Romania have one of the smallest average incomes in the EU

Women in Romania have one of the smallest average incomes in the European Union, coming immediately after the Bulgarians, who are the worst paid. According to an Eurostat analysis, women in Romania earn 2 euros per hour which is 10 euros less than the European average. Men earn 2.75 euros per hour, 12 euros less than the European average. At the same time, women in Romania work for the highest number of hours compared to those in other states. Data by Eurostat show that for the same salary, Romanians work 168 hours compared to  Dutch women who work 65 hours less and British or German women who work 40 hours less, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

Objectivity award for Radio Romania’s main news station

The main news station of the Romanian public radio received an award for objectivity and professionalism in reflecting economic aspects conferred by the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) during the 22nd Bucharest Top Companies Gala. The President of BCCI, Sorin Dimitriu, spoke about the contribution of the public radio in disseminating accurate information to the business environment:

Sorin Dimitriu: The public radio has always had this significant and deserving role, being a permanent partner of BCCI. I can honestly say it proved to be the most efficient instrument used by the business environment and dedicated to the business environment and our special thanks go to Radio România Actualităţi.

During the gala, BCCI presented performance awards to over 4.000 companies in various industries.

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