Monday, November 9th

Another victim brings Romanian nightclub fire death toll to 46

The Bucharest nightclub fire almost two weeks ago made another victim raising the death toll at 46. The victim is a Romanian journalist hospitalised in Israel. Teodora Maftei, 36, a photojournalist with the Romanian ProTV channel, died in an Israeli hospital on Monday. Some other 25 people are still in critical condition. Romanian Hospital Bagdasar-Arseni is hosting 15 people including 9 under intensive care. A wounded flown to Norway yesterday is now safe while the flight to Britain of another pacient was suspended as the pacient’s health worsened unexpectedly, hospital manager Bogdan Păltineanu told RADIO ROMANIA.

Romanian political negotiations resume

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis is expected to resume talks on Monday with leaders of political parties in parliament in an attempt to designate a new prime minister. Talks with representatives of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD) are scheduled at 6 PM while a meeting with leaders of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) is expected at 7 PM, the Romanian Presidency said in a press release on Monday. Talks with leaders of the opposition Democratic Union of Ethnic Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), the governing National Union for Romania’s Preogress (UNPR), ALDE and representives of Romanian ethnic minorities are scheduled on Tuesday.

Romania’s National Strategy for Social Dialogue goes public

Romania’s National Strategy for Social Dialogue will come under public debate on Monday as Romanian trade unions repeteadely called for changes to the existing law in field adopted three years ago by the former Cabinet of Prime Minister Emil Boc, a law which prompted protests across the country. Demands refer to normal labour relations between employees such as their right to negotiations and strike, Bogdan Hossu, leader of the Alfa Cartel trade union, told reporters. Trade union and employers’ representatives along with Labour Ministry officials, business and NGOs representatives are expected to attend the event. The new strategy is also expected to enhance the role and abilities of the players interested in getting actively involved in Romania’s growth, Liviu Pop, a Minister Delegate for Social Dialogue in the Labour Ministry, said as quoted by RADIO ROMANIA.

Winners of Romania’s Independent Theatre National Festival 3rd edition

The third edition of Romania’s Independent Theatre National Festival awarded its winners at a ceremony on Sunday. The festival’s Grand Prix went to „School memories” by Mihaela Michailov directed by Radu Apostol and produced by the Replika Centre for Educational Theatre in Bucharest. „Radikal”, a play produced by Luni Theatre at Green Hours, received the „One Group. One Cause. One Ideal” Prize. „Born in the Nineties” of the BIS Company in Sibiu was awarded the „Subjective Screening of the Last 25 Years” Prize. Other awards went to theatrical groups such as Aretemotion Company in Oradea and Unteatru Theatre in Bucharest.

Alexandru Danga