News review of the day – June 2nd

Helicopter crash kills Romanian medical crew on rescue mission in neighbouring Moldova

Four people died today in a crash involving a Romanian SMURD emergency rescue helicopter coming from Iasi to the Republic of Moldova, while on a medical mission to transport a 85-year old patient from Cahul to a hospital in Chisinau. Spokeswoman of the Romanian Interior Ministry stated the EC135 helicopter was manufactured in August 2014 and had its last technical inspection in February 2016. Weather conditions were reportedly unfavourable in the area, with winds and heavy rain, at the time of the crash, around 2 PM. A crisis management cell has been created by the Romanian Interior Ministry and an investigation by Romanian and Moldovan authorities is underway.

Romania’s Defense Minister met with President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Security challenges in the region and the need to strengthen NATO’s deterring capabilities against threats have been discussed yesterday in Bucharest by Romania’s Defense Minister Mihnea Motoc and US Congressman Michael Turner, President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly. According to a press release by the Defense Ministry, the American official reiterated the significant role Romania is playing within the bilateral Strategic Partnership by hosting the missile defense site in Deveselu. In his turn, minister Mihnea Motoc underlined the strategic importance of the Black Sea for the regional security, as well as the need for the Allies to focus their efforts in this region, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

Bilateral relations between Romania and Italy reached their highest intensity – Ambassador Diego Brasioli

June 2nd is Italy’s National Day. The Italian Embassy in Bucharest has oragnised several cultural events and will hold an official evening reception. Ambassador Diego Brasioli has stated in an interview with Radio Romania that bilateral relations between the two countries have reached their highest intensity.

Ambassador Diego Brasioli: This aspect is reflected both politcally and socially. There are more than 1 million Romanians living in Italy who are very well integrated in our society and economy. Last year, bilateral trade exchanges reached the 13.5 billion-euro record, exceeding the previous year by almost 10%. It was also in 2015 that 2.200 new Italian-owned companies were registered in Romania. I would also like to mention the excellent relations between Radio Romania and Radio RAI. There is a strategic convergence of the mass media and the radio is a very powerful communication instrument. These relations have been intensified by a series of common projects. Radio Romania has become an essential partner to RAI, the public service in Italy.

Implementing rules for the new Public Procurement laws, adopted by the Cabinet

Implementing rules for the new Public Procurement laws have been adopted today by the Cabinet. The new laws have already been published in Romania’s Official Gazette and came into force last week. The adoption of the implementing rules is necessary for a proper use of the Electronic System for Public Procurement (SEAP) which needs to be upgraded according to the new legislation.

Computer-based system to monitor voter turnout and prevent electoral crimes for the first time in Sunday local elections

Romanian citizens with voting right are expected to the polls this Sunday to elect their mayors, local and county councillors. Voters will be entitled to cast their ballot by presenting a valid identity card at the assigned voting section. One novelty brought by local elections this year is the computer-based monitoring system voter turnout and preventing illegal balloting. Multiple voting or attempted multiple voting represent crimes stipulated in the Criminal Code, punishable by prison, criminal fine or restriction of certain rights. The single round of local elections on Sunday will take place between 7 AM and 9 PM.

Organized crime group specialized in tax evasion was dismantled by the police

An organized crime group specialized in tax evasion which caused an estimated 15 million Ron prejudice to the state has been dismantled this morning by the police following execution of 20 search warrants in Timiş, Bihor, Dolj and Mehedinţi counties. According to the police, the group was led by a 55-year old businessman that had established a tax-fraud circuit favoring several companies he was managing by issuing false invoices for VAT deductions and state-budget tax avoidance. 20 persons will be brought for hearings at DIICOT headquarters in Timisoara.

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