Tuesday, January the 30th 2018

The European Commission has called nine member states of the Union, including Romania, to Brussels, for breaking air quality standards

On Tuesday, The European Commission called nine member states of the Union, including Romania, to Brussels, for breaking air quality standards. Its spokeswoman, Margaritis Schinas, said that this is the last warning before court proceeding, which could lead to financial sanctions. More than 400 000 people die each year, in Europe, of pollution linked causes, and the Commission estimates that the high number of people suffering of respiratory and cardiac diseases causes the common economy costs of more than 20 billion euro a year. In order to reduce these numbers, the Commission says that the member states have to comply with the emission limits they have engaged to respect.
Besides Romania, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic were also called at the reunion held today, as they frequently exceed the limits for some important polluting elements, such as fine particles or Nitrogen dioxide, especially in big cities. France Presse observes that, in spite of Commission warnings, only five of the 28 countries in the EU respect the air quality standards.

Army chiefs in Central Europe meet to discuss a way to handle security challenges

Army chiefs in Central Europe meet today, in Bratislava, during The United States European Command Conference, to discuss a way to handle the global security challenges. Romania will be represented by General Nicolae Ciuca, the Romanian Chief of General Staff, as the Ministry of National Defense communicates. The subjects on the agenda include the recent evolution of national and regional security challenges, the joint training process for this year, the development of US projects in Europe and the way in which NATO members and partners can contribute to achieve the initiatives of the allies.

The Romanian National Library opens an exhibition of photo documents about 36 diplomats

To mark the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and 70 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Israel, until February 8th, the Romanian National Library will exhibit photo-documents about 36 diplomats. The event, entitled “Righteous Among the Nations”, presents, among others, a series of archive books about the relations between the two countries. At the opening of the exhibition the public diplomacy officer with the Embassy of Israel in Bucharest, Codrin Tofan, said “I believe that the best known name is Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who managed to save thousands of Jews, while being in Budapest. The Romanian diplomat Constantin Caragea saved more than 51 000 Jews from deportation and extermination, while in Berlin. His efforts have been recognized in 2005 by the Yad Vashem Memorial, in Jerusalem, and he received the “Righteous Among the Nations” distinction”.

Alexandra Ioniţă – RADOR