Friday, April 12th

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has joined the summit of Central and European States with China, in Dubrovnik

The Romanian Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila, has reaffirmed Romania’s interest for an increase in European investments in projects of the 16+1 cooperation format, between the Central and European States and China. The Head of the Romanian government took part in a summit which unfolded in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, where she has reminded of the opportunities created by the strategy of connectivity between Europe and Asia, the EU-China platform, as well as the program related to the trans-European transport network. Mrs. Dancila has also underlined the importance of rail and sea transport in the economic development of the Central and Eastern European area, in order to balance the trade exchanges with China and to boost tourism and business.

Radio Romania is represented in the Radio Committee of the EBU

The director of International Relations department at the Romanian Broadcasting Company Dan Santa has been elected as a member of the EBU’s Radio Committee, during the 25th Radio Summit of the EBU, in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, from 10 to 12 of April. The event hosted by Bulgaria’s National Radio was attended by Graham Ellis (BBC) – who was re-elected as President of EBU Radio Committee, Graham Dixon – EBU Head of Radio, Georgica Severin – Radio Romania President and General Director and other presidents and top representatives of national radios from EBU member states. During the same meeting, Philippa de Roten (SRG SSR/RTS, Switzerland), Serge Schick (GRF/SRF, France) and René Zavoral (CR, The Czech Republic) were elected as vice-presidents of the EBU Radio Committee. „The Public Radio sector needs to permanently adjust to the challenges in the media industry, and also to take advantage of the new opportunities which would help it deepen its relation with the audience, and the role of the EBU Radio Committee is crucial in this regard. I am deeply honored with the trust I was invested with by my colleagues in Europe”, Dan Santa has said.

The NATO exercise in the Black Sea concluded in the Constanta Military Port

The largest NATO exercise in the Black Sea has ended on Friday, in the Constanta Military Port. Sea Shield 2019 was interconnected with the Vigorous Warrior exercise, which aimed at testing the cooperation between military and civil forces in situations involving rescue at sea. The evacuation of 20 troops from the King Ferdinand Frigate was simulated, after an alleged explosion on board. A Puma helicopter of the Romanian Naval Forces has taken the injured, who were treated at the scene by specialized medical teams and then transferred with helicopter and SMURD ambulances to hospitals in Constanta. The commander of the fleet, Daniel Capatana, was the coordinator of the whole operation in the last week.
Daniel Capatana: It was a real success, because we managed to use once again the NATO procedures, throughout the exercise. The medical evacuation exercise at sea was a success, in terms of cooperation between the inspectorates for emergency situations and all that is related to medical personnel of the naval forces for this kind of exercise at sea.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR