friday, 5th july

Neversea, the biggest event on a beach in Europe

Constanţa is in the fever of the Neversea music festival, the biggest event taking place on a beach in Europe. Until Sunday, top artists will climb the six scenes set up on Modern Beach. Our correspondent, Sorin Cealera, tells us what the atmosphere is and what awaits the 200,000 spectators in the country and abroad.
Sorin Cealera: Modern Beach in Constanta became, this weekend, the favorite destination for the tens of thousands of constantians, foreign tourists and romanians. Huge columns, over 100 meters long, were formed yesterday at the Neversea beach access points at the festival’s debut. This year’s edition comes with more attractions for the participants. Besides the concerts offered by artists on the five scenes located near the sea, there are 50 restaurants and hundreds of drinks points, from where the festivals can be served after having previously loaded their money bracelet from the booths specially designed credit facilities. The youngsters have already tested the giant self-esteem, riding a bicycle in a five-meter-wide carousel, relaxing lawns with grass or blue sand, and making lots of pictures and obviously listening to music. If the stars of the first evening were Alex Parker, Mahmut Orhan, Inna and the long-awaited American rapper G-Eazy, the festivals will vibrate on Sean Paul, Danny Avila and Afrojack. Fun without limits can also cause inconvenience. More than 200 adults and 75 minors needed medical attention after the first night of Neversea and six people came to the hospital with trauma. The Gendarmes of Constanţa Mobile Group recommend that participants take safety measures with regard to valuable personal belongings and report any anti-social or suspect acts to the nearest law enforcement officers./aboboc

Thesaurus Program. Government bonds for interest rates between 3.5% and 5%, starting today

The Ministry of Finance today launches 4 new issues of government securities for the population under the Treasury Program. The funds obtained will be used to finance the budget deficit and refinance public debt. For one year maturity, the interest rate is 3.5%, for those with a two-year maturity, the interest rises to 4 percent, for the 3 years – 4.5%, and for the 5-year titles – 5%. Subscriptions can be made by July 31 via postal sub-units on the Romanian Post and Treasury network. Revenues from individuals in the subscription and holding of government securities are not taxed./aboboc

Message of Medical Authorities to Population for Blood Donation

Medical authorities call for blood donation in the summer. Especially in July and August, the system is frequently confronted with problems, with fewer donors than the usual media at the transfusion centers. To become a blood donor, you must be between 18 and 60 years of age, weighing more than 50 kilograms, a good health and not suffered during the last six months of surgery./aboboc

Adelina Boboc – RADOR