Monday, July 29th

The Interior Minister, Nicolae Moga, and the head of STS, Ionel Vasilcă, were summoned at the defense committee of the Chamber of Deputies

The Interior Minister, Nicolae Moga, and STS chief, Ionel Vasilcă, have been summoned today for hearings in the Chamber of Deputies’ Defense Commission following the Caracal murders. Other former and current police officers and officials from the General Directorate for Internal Protection were summoned too. Lawmakers want to find out how those involved have done their job duties, after numerous media reports about many deficiencies. A preliminary report on this issue is to be presented tomorrow, at CSAT, at the request of President Klaus Iohannis. The head of state will also propose a series of measures to prevent such tragedies in the future./opopescu

Criminal investigators in Caracal, again in Gheorghe Dincă”s home

Investigators in Caracal have arrived again this morning at the residence of Gheorghe Dincă, who yesterday admitted that he had killed the two girls he had kidnapped. The man accused of qualified murder will be brought from Dolj Police Arrest for a reconstitution of the facts. Gheorghe Dincă should explain to the investigators how he killed the teenager. The DIICOT prosecutor Giorgiana Hosu said yesterday that accusations against Gheorghe Dinca were extended after new evidences found in his household and in his car, which prove that the 15 years old girl was killed there. Prosecutors have indications that even in the case of a second girl, missing from a few months ago, the defendant would have done the same, but would deepen the investigation./opopescu

Possible decision of the Constitutional Court on the opposition”s objections regarding the amendments to the Criminal Codes

The Constitutional Court could today take a decision on the notices made by USR, PNL and President Klaus Iohannis on the amendments made by the Parliament to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. On July 11-th, the constitutional judges managed to end the debates, but delayed a decision. It was the seventh time that this case was postponed. USR filed two complaints, together with the PNL, claiming that these draft laws bring more than 300 amendments to the criminal legislation that they consider harmful. President Iohannis mentioned in the petition that the law on amending the Criminal Code was invalidated by the Constitutional Court in some of it’s earlier dispositions. However, on review, the Parliament revised the normative act more than stipulated in the limits set by the Constitutional Court, he added./opopescu