Thursday, august 29

Romania”s population decreased last year

Romania’s population decreased by 125.000 people last year, at the beginning of 2019 Romania had 19.4 million people, according to the provisional data of the National Institute of Statistics published today. The process of demographic aging has deepened, noticing an increase in the share of the elderly population aged 65 and over. Romania continues to be a country of emigration, the phenomenon being the second main cause of the country’s population decline. The balance of international migration in 2018 was negative, the number of emigrants exceeding the number of immigrants with over 57.000 people./aboboc

19 cases of West Nile infection, registered in the last three months

19 cases of West Nile infection have been registered in the last three months. According to the National Center for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases, there were two deaths, one in Călăraşi and another in Buzău. The illnesses were in the counties: Călăraşi – 4; Galaţi – 3; Tulcea – 2; Buzău, Dolj, Iaşi, Mureş and Teleorman – one case, and in Bucharest – 5. Specialists recommend the population, among others, to avoid exposure to mosquitoes, to wear long-sleeved clothing, to use chemicals against mosquitoes and insecticides around. home./aboboc

The industry did not recover in July after it fell in June

The industry did not recover in July after the sharp fall in June, announces the Romanian Industry Barometer, made by IRSOP and SNSPA. Many companies closed the gates in July for a full month of vacation, but the main cause of stagnation is the insufficient rate of internal and external orders. According to the Barometer conclusions, production growth stopped at 52 points, close to 50, which means zero growth. The global indicator of confidence of managers fell to 52 points, compared to 70 in January, the decrease for the last 6 months was linear and continuous. The likelihood that managers’ confidence will fall into negative territory has increased in the coming months, study representatives say/aboboc

Adelina Boboc – RADOR