Monday, November 25th

President Klaus Iohannis has won a new five year term

Klaus Iohannis was re-elected for a new term of five years, according to the almost final results of Sunday’s presidential elections. Mr. Iohannis has comfortably got a new term, winning more than 66% of the votes cast within the country and abroad. His rival, former Social Democrat Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, only got 34% of the votes. Iohannis, who was the candidate of the governing National Liberal Party, won a record number of votes in diaspora – 94%. The turnout for the presidential vote was 49.87% of the eligible population.

Hundreds marched against domestic violence, in Timisoara

About 500 people marched today in the Romanian city of Timisoara, forming an Indian row and wearing white masks on their faces, to mark the Day of Fight against Domestic Violence. They wanted to draw attention to the fact that these aggressions are not always visible, but could leave deep wounds in the hearts of those exposed to offenses, harassment or even beatings. The participants stated that society has a responsibility to reject the gestures of violence against women and children and to support the victims. The march started at Therezia Bastion to the headquarters of the Service for Victims of Domestic Violence.

Prosecutors are seeking a 14 year prison term for the former mayor of Bucharest’s Sector 4, in the case of the Colectiv fire

Prosecutors have demanded a 14 years prison sentence for the former mayor of Bucharest’s Sector 4, Cristian Popescu Piedone, accused of misconduct with highly serious consequences, in the case of the fire in Colectiv club, which killed 65 people and injured dozens others. The final pleas were made on Monday, at Bucharest Tribunal. The former mayor and three other city officials, for whom prison sentences have also been sought, are being investigated for illegally issuing operating licenses for the club that burned down in 2015.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR