Monday, October 3

The European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Cretu, attends the conference „My City in Our Europe”

On Monday, the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Cretu, is attending the conference „My City in Our Europe” in Bucharest, in which the current challenges for sustainable urban development and the role of European funds will be analyzed. Discussions are organized under the auspices of the Urban Fest 2016 Festival and will be attended by Vice-Prime-Minister Vasile Dancu, Mayor General of Bucharest Gabriela Firea, the Mayor of the Bulgarian capital, Sophia, and the Deputy Mayors of the cities of Bordeaux in France and Mannheim in Germany. Commissioner Corina Cretu insisted on the necessity for viable local development projects in order to attract European funding, and underlined that our country needs specialists who can carry out these projects.

The first two internal air routes linking the cities of Iaşi, Cluj and Timişoara were inaugurated in Romania

Since October 1, Iasi is linked by air with Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara. The flights are performed by a low-cost airline that connects the Moldovan city with the first Romanian destinations other than Bucharest – said Marius Bodea, manager of Iaşi International Airport.
Marius Bodea: I think it is an outstanding achievement for Iasi Airport and for the team who fulfilled the project. As a matter of fact, is not as much about the airport or the airline as it is about people, because after several successful projects to connect Iasi with European capitals or other major cities, I think it was necessary to have an internal connection between the main cities of Romania, like Iasi, Timisoara and Cluj. The key to economic development worldwide is the mobility of people in the first place, but also the mobility of goods.
Reporter: The number of air links between big cities is on an increasing trend. The same low-cost company that performs flights from Iasi to Timisoara and Cluj has announced that, starting next spring, it will link Iaşi to Constanta and Oradea. Another airline has introduced daily flights between Timisoara and Bucharest last month.

A new academic year has begun in Romania

The new academic year began on Monday, and festivities were held in universities across the country, attended by officials from the Ministry of Education and other establishments. As every year, the main problem students have to face, especially freshmen, is accommodation in a hostel. According to the Romanian Police, more than 9,000 additional police officers will act in close proximity of universities and the streets and boulevards around them. To prevent unpleasant events, the police will arrange for students preventive educational activities. At the same time, universities will display the contact details of the proximity officer for better communication.

Romanian-born American Laura Bretan won International Propatria Festival’s Trophy in Rome

Laura Bretan, a teenager of Romanian origin who lives in Chicago, United States, has qualified this year in the final of America’s Got Talent TV show. Also, she won on Sunday in Rome the Trophy of the International Festival Propatria, Romanian Youth Talents Gala – Radio România Actualităţi reports. The 6th edition of the event has gathered young competitors from Italy, Romania, Denmark, Spain and the UK. As a token of support for young Romanians, this year’s edition was attended by the Minister for Relations with Romanians Abroad, Ms. Maria Ligor.