Tuesday, April 28th 2020

More than 200 Romanian workers in a slaughter-house in Germany infected with the new coronavirus

More than 200 workers in a slaughter-house in Germany were infected with the new coronavirus. In all, there are 300 of infected workers in the slaughter-house in Birkenfeld. 500 Romanians work in the slaughter-house. The Foreign Ministry said that data from the German authorities indicate that most of the contaminated people are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms and only five people needed to be hospitalized, two of them already having been discharged. According to the Foreign Ministry, the Romanians are not seasonal workers but employees of companies outsourced by the German slaughter-house. The Romanian Foreign Ministry added that, until now, Romanian diplomats in Germany haven’t received assistance requests from the Romanian workers at the slaughter-house.

Honey production expected to be low this year, due to temperature fluctuations and drought

This year’s honey production is expected to be low this year, due to temperature fluctuations and drought. O possible compensation could come from the Minister of Agriculture, that granted a financial aid for beekeepers.
Beekeepers in Sălaj say that problems are caused mainly by big temperature oscillations that occurred the spring but also by the drought and other factors that will cause a low production of honey. Beekeepers fear that the market will also be fragile, sales already being lower in shops and markets, given the low number of buyers. Also, there are no apiarian fair and festivals to promote products. Representatives of beekeepers in Sălaj estimate that a rise in prices would not be possible, as this would mean less buyers and the situation is delicate as it is. The good news comes from the Minister of Agriculture, officials announcing the project about the national apiarian programme that includes a 150 million lei aid for this sector.

First newborn infected with COVID-19, hospitalized in Timişoara, declared cured

The first new-born infected with COVID-19, hospitalized in Timişoara, has been declared cured and will be discharged soon. The director of the maternity hospital Bega in Timişoara, doctor Marius Craina, said that the two-week-old baby hasn’t had symptoms and had a good evolution. The baby will be taken home, in the town of Vulcan , from Hunedoara, and will be accompanied, in the ambulance, by the mother who has also recovered from COVID-19. In the maternity-hospital in Timişoara there are two more babies and their health state is good.

Alexandra Ionita, RADOR