Thursday, September 16-th

The Alliance for Romanians’ Union begins a parliamentary strike

The Alliance Romanians’ Union goes on a parliamentary strike. The leaders of the party claim that the vote of non-confidence initiated by USR PLUS and ARU against the Cîţu Government was not submitted to debate and vote. The motion was registered on September 3 and read on September 9 in the plenary session. ARU co-chariman Claudiu Târziu said that the approach did not continue because there is a new majority in parliament- PNL-PSD-UDMR – which does not want this, and stated the motive that a response is expected from the Court Constitutional is false. In reply, the group leader of the Social Democrats, Senator Lucian Romaşcanu, explained that the Social Democrats are not in any position in this conflict. The group vice-president of USR PLUS, senator Ion Narcis Mircescu, claimed that the fundamental law is violated./opopescu

COVID-19 balance sheet in Romania

Romania exceeded yesterday 4.000 new cases of coronavirus in 24 hours. In Intensive Care units here are 696 patients infected with the coronavirus, up from the previous report. 167 children are also hospitalized, nine of them in serious condition. The infection rate with the new coronavirus is increasing nationally, reaching 1.26. The highest incidence per thousand inhabitants is in Satu Mare county, respectively 2.71, followed by Ilfov, with 1.98, and Bistriţa Năsăud, with 1.84./opopescu

Almost two hundred thousand non-resident tourists traveled to Romania in the first half of the year

The total number of non-resident tourists who arrived in Romania was in the first half of the year of almost 200,000 people, who spent a total of over 500 million lei. According to statistics released today, most have been business travelers. For other tourists, vacations, cultural and sporting events or visits to friends and relatives were the main reasons for their trip. Out of the total number of non-residents staying in Romania, in the first semester, almost 40% organized their stay on their own, a third through travel agencies, and the rest through other ways of organizing the trip. The main transport used to arrive in Romania was by plane, followed by cars, coaches and buses./opopescu

Ovidiu Popescu – RADOR