News review of the day – December 15

Terrorism risk alert goes from „general” to „specific” for Romania  –  Intelligence Service

9.000 persons are subject to an APB alert issued to border checkpoints, according to the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), which received details about terrorist-prone profiles from foreign partners. SRI pointed out that none of the persons on the watch list had intentions of entering or transiting Romania. However, according to SRI, specific terrorism risk can now be considered in Romania as well. So far, our country was subject to a general terrorism risk alert.

Romania adopts total smoking ban in enclosed public places

Romania’s Chamber of Deputies has adopted in plenum session today the Law regarding total smoking ban in enclosed public places as well as in academic, educational and sanitary institutions. All working place areas are subject to the ban, which will also apply in open spaces if they are close to playgrounds. Airports and maximum-security prisons will be the only public places allowed to have an enclosed smoking area. Fine amounts are situated between 100 and 500 Ron for individuals and between 5.000 Ron and 15.000 Ron for legal persons that break the law.

Radio and TV commercials for drugs and pharmacies to be banned by law

Advertising for drugs and pharmacies will be banned from radio and TV in Romania, according to a draft bill approved by the Senate which now requires promulgation by the President. So far, Romania’s Audiovisual Law had only banned prescription drugs from publicity, but now extends the provision to OTC drugs. Pharma industry in Romania spends an annual 300 million Euros for advertising purposes, two thirds dedicated only to TV commercials.

Colectiv Club death toll reaches 62

Death toll of Colectiv nightclub fire has reached 62 victims when a patient of Bucharest’s Burn Hospital passed away this morning. According to the spokesperson of the burn center, the woman was in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit. 21 persons injured in the fire on October 30 are still receiving treatment in hospitals across Bucharest and another 21 are currently hospitalized abroad.
Prime Minister Dacian Cioloş discussed with relatives of patients hospitalized in Belgium yesterday as well as with a group of volunteers supporting the victims who wanted to approach the subjects of recovery, social and professional reintegration of the injured, Radio Romania reported.

Foreign direct investment in Romania went up

Foreign direct investment in Romania went up to 2.8 billion Euros this October, exceeding by nearly 1.2 billion Euros the level registered between January-October 2014. According to data published by the Central Bank, equity participations including net accumulation estimates have registered 2.72 billion Euros, Radio Romania reports.

One in five Romanians over 15 smokes on a daily basis

One in five Romanians over the age of 15 smokes on a daily basis, according to an analysis by the National Institute of Statistics. The study also reveals that less than 10% of the total population engages in physical activity in their free time. As a matter of fact, almost half of the population over 18 is overweight and 10% is obese. Nearly 20% of Romanians consume alcohol at least once a week. Another conclusion of the study shows that one in four Romanians suffers from at least one chronic disease or a longterm health problem, Radio Romania reports.

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