Thursday, July 21 2022

Romanian authorities in support of drinking water restrictions

Romanian authorities expressed their support of further drinking water restrictions as climate change was felt in southern European countries. Water restrictions are already imposed in several towns and cities in Romania while authorities in eastern Romanian county of Vaslui are expected to decide further water restricions. Vasile Tabără, the mayor of Hoceni, a village in eastern Romania, told reporters that crops in the region were lost, and ‘nothing could be saved’. A lack of rainfall and low water levels in dams led to further restrictions. “I would say that all crops are 100 percent affected, and we still don’t know how to overcome the crisis”, Mr. Tabără said.

Former Bucharest mayor accused of abuse of office

Romanian authorities opened an investigation into the case of Daniel Tudorache, former mayor of Bucharest’s Sector One, accused of abuse of office. Mr. Tudorache is under investigation for his alleged involvement in the Romprest case, a cleaning service in Romania. Prosecutors of the country’s anticorruption watchdog, the DNA, say that Mr. Tudorache, and three other city hall executives  (Bogdan Piţigoi, Anca-Dorinela Ludu and Ovidiu Nicolae Fulgeanu) were also involved in the case. A former executive of the Investment Directorate of the city hall, Cosmin Marius Fodoroiu, is under investigation for his alleged involvement in a cheating case. Corruption is a widespread problem in Romania where people still believe it is acceptable to either do a favour or give money to obtain something from the public administration.

Raids of Romania’s ANPC

Romania’s Consumer Protection Authority (ANPC) has announced checks in its food and hospitality services (HoReCa). The move is meant to check quality and storage conditions while also checking how legal provisions are observed, ANPC director general Paul Anghel tweeted on Thursday. The COVID-19 crisis has affected the HoReCa industry the most in the world, given that events and accomodations have been cancelled and restaurants closed. Two Jumbo stores in Bucharest were fined by the ANPC in May this year with over 100,000 lei, and approximately 10,000 non-compliant products were withdrawn from sale.

Alexandru Danga