October 28, 2022

Romania has total support in Brussels to join Schengen area

Romania has total support, in Brussels, to join the Schengen area. All the European officials that prime minister Nicolae Ciucă has talked to in the Union’s capital, for two days, have said the same. There are also positive signals concerning lifting the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism.
Nicolae Ciucă: “We have demonstrated that we can protect the external borders of the European Union. We have also done it before the beginning of the conflict. After the conflict started we have done it even more, and the pressure on the border security service was as complex and dynamic as possible” .

The representation of women in decisive positions

The representation of women in decisive positions, including in politics, has been the theme of a debate organized by the culture, atrs and mass-media in the Deputy Chamber, in collaboration with many non-governmental organizations.
Alina Gorgiu, speaker of the Senate, thinks that the imposition of a gender quota in Romanian politics is necessary. She said, during the debate, that in Romania women represent 51% of the population but, still, their voices is not being heard in the decisive forums, but that steps are being taken in the right direction.
The president of the culture commission, USR deputy Iulian Bulai, has announced that, symbolically, the meeting room of the commission will bear the name of a woman, Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu who, for a very long while, was the only woman writer present in Romanian manuals.
In Parliament there are two more bills that refer to the presence of women in politics.

For the last week, almost 230 flights have registered delays of more than 60 minutes on Henri Coandă Airport

For the last week, almost 230 flights, take-offs and landings, have registered delays of more than 60 minutes on the Henri Coandă Airport in Bucharest, between October 20th and 26th. According to the National Company of Airports Bucharest, among these, 70% have been caused by the rotation of the aircrafts or the lack of crew. Most of the flights with delays of more than an hour have been form Wizz Air 150 flights), Ryan Air (32 flights) and TAROM (14 flights). According to the source, between October 20th and 26th, six cancelations have been recorded, including four from Wizz Air, for technical reasons and a strike at the destination airports, in Italy, Air France – for lack of crew and Austrian Airlines – for lack of crew.

Alexandra Ioniţă