Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The French Institute in Bucharest has opened an exhibition on „Fake news – art, fiction, lie”

The French Institute in Bucharest has opened an exhibition on „Fake news – art, fiction, lie”, which debates the role of media, the Internet, and social networks in managing the increasing flow of information and images. Laurent Bigot is a journalist and director of the Public School of Journalism in Tours, evaluator at the International Fact Checking Network based in the Pointer Institute in Florida, author of a doctoral thesis on fact checking „Fact Checking VS. Fake News – To check in order to inform better”.
Laurent Bigot: In order get right information for oneself in a society where false information is flowing and it is not at all easy to recognize, the only solution is to identify reliable, credible sources of information, which have thus proven themselves in most situations, and have shown that verification from the most authentic sources is a practice for them. Verified journalistic information has to be sought, and that is what we must all learn to do, because we live in a universe in which, more recently, artificial intelligence, for instance, and other technological means complicate the task of those people who are looking to discern the false from the truth in the media.

Romania will maintain its general foreign policy coordinates in 2023, President Iohannis says

Romania is maintaing its general foreign policy coordinates in 2023, with the goal to strengthen its place and role in NATO and in the European Union and to reinforce the strategic alliance with the United States, President Klaus Iohannis has told foreign ambassadors accredited in Bucharest on Tuesday. A direction where important diplomatic resources will be reallocated will be Romania’s accession to the Schengen free movement area, while the support given to Ukraine will be maintained at the level, as long as it is necessary, the president added.

EPPO head Laura Codruta Kovesi has lodged a new attempt at closing her case at the Special Section

The head of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office Laura Codrut Kovesi is making a new attempt at closing the case opened on her name at the Special Section 4 years ago. She has lodged an action at the High Court of Cassation and Justice in which she disputes the length of the trial, and the debate deadline was on Tuesday. The file was opened in December 2018 by Special Section’s prosecutor Adina Florea, who has since retired. The case was later taken over by the General Prosecutor’s Office, after the abolition of the Special Section. Laura Codruta Kovesi has signalled that there are three decisions by the Supreme Court which compel the prosecutors to complete this file, but the General Prosecutor’s Office is ignoring them./mbrotacel

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR