January 30, 2023

The Romanian national cyber security response team (DNSC) warns about rising risks for card owners

The Romanian national cyber security response team (DNSC) warned again about the risks card owners expose themselves to, offering internet access to their personal data, without trying to find out who asks them to do that. According to the representative of the institution, Mihai Rotariu, hackers have become more skilled, with time.
Mihai Rotariu: The Romanian national cyber security response team noticed that attackers use texts that are very well written in Romanian, adapted to the rules of the language, in fishing or Scam attacks. Most probably, attackers already start to use the artificial intelligence more frequently, in order to obtain, through automatization and context adaptation a higher success rate than before. The main focus of the attackers is to build such attack scenarios to determine us to click a link, to download or to access an attachment or to install a strange app, so it’s absolutely necessary to interact with the potential victim. Therefore, we make an appeal to the user to form a series of online security reflexes, similar to those in real life.

The effects of the first winter episode of the season were limited

The effects of the first winter episode of this season were limited, after the intervention teams and volunteers worked hard to shovel cars that were stuck in snow and to help people receive electricity. At this time, one single road in Galaţi remains closed, but meteorologists warn of fog and ice in almost 90 towns in Dâmboviţa. Because of the weather, some pupils in Galaţi will remain at home and have their classes online.
In just 24 hours, employees of the Interior Minister intervened to save more than 200 people. There have been several operations to unblock cars stuck in the snow and to evacuate water from houses and on streets, but also to remove trees and electric poles that had fallen. In Sibiu an Braşov, the ice on the roads stopped the traffic on A1 Sibiu-Deva highway, starting at they entry on DN7 Sibiu-Vâlcea, up to kilometer 237.

Save the Children asks the Education Ministry for an evaluation of the implementing of norms regarding anti-bullying group forming in schools

Save the Children asked the Education Ministry asked for an evaluation of the level of implementation of methodological norms concerning anti-bullying groups forming in schools and for the elaboration of a national strategy to respect the law. The request comes on the International Day for school nonviolence. The phenomenon of physical or moral aggression has gathered pace in schools – official data show a rise, during last year, of almost a third of the bullying situations declared, compared to 2020-2021 school year. With almost 11.000 bullying situations declared, the Save the Children association warns that, in reality, the phenomenon is much more serios. A recent analysis shows that, every year, humiliation in class and online affect thousands of children. Almost half of the pupils become victims in situations of physical violence, threatening or humiliation, 82% are witnesses to those and almost one third recognize they have been the aggressors.

Alexandra Ioniţă