Tuesday, September 5 2023

Meeting of Romanian president with Luxembourg PM

Romanian President Klaus Iohanis is expected to welcome Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel on Tuesday. Both poliicians will hold consultations on political issues while visiting troops at the Getica National Joint Training Center at Cincu, Brașov county, and also addressing the Luxembourg troops as part of Romania’s NATO Group. In recent years, allies have enhanced NATO’s forward presence by establishing multinational battlegroups in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. They have also sent more troops, ships, and planes to NATO’s eastern flank. Such actions prove the Alliance resolve to defend its territory and populations.

“We won’t support antidrug tests”, Health Minister Rafila says

Romanian Health Minister Alexandru Rafila told reporters he was not expected to support an  anti-drug testing of students, while also supporting tests aimed at detecting cases of use of psychoactive substabces. “As far as testing of children in schools is concenrned, I think there are some essential messages to be sent as we do not support mass testing, and we support just tests aimed at detecting cases of psychoactive substance use, and we shall only work along with parents on such issues”, Mr. Rafila told reporters as quoted by Radio Romania on Tuesday.

New border crossing points between Hungary and Romania

Hungary and Romania would raise at 14 their crossing-point checks. An agreement signed between Hungary and Romania will increase such checkpoints from 12 to 14, according to a statement of Prime Minister Peter Szijjarto on Tuesday. The move comes as a result of talks between Romanian Transport Minister Sorin Grindeanu and its Hungarian counterpart with Mr Grindeanu expressing his will of strengthening bilateral relations-

Alexandru Danga, RADOR