The EU home affairs and justice ministers are meeting, on Monday and Tuesday, in Brussels, at the Justice and Home Affairs Council. The meeting’s agenda includes the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime, the security situation in the context of the conflict in the Middle East, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and a legislative proposal regarding the fight against the illegal introduction of migrants.

On Monday, European home affairs ministers will have an exchange of views on the general situation of the Schengen area and on the evaluation of the EU legislative act establishing Frontex (the EU border police and coast guard regulation). Another important topic is the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime. The second day of the meeting is dedicated to the justice component, the agenda including, among other things, a recently approved directive on the minimum standards for preventing and combating the illegal introduction of migrants. Its objective is to increase the effectiveness of criminal prosecution of migrant smuggling networks by clarifying the definition of the crime of smuggling and harmonizing sanctions.

Radio Romania International