Wednesday, June 12 2024

Romania’s center-right USR elects its new president

Romania’s opposition center-right party of Save Romania Union (USR) opened procedures concerning the election of a new leader after its president, Cătălin Drulă, resigned from the job given poor results of the party in EU and local elections on Sunday. A USR Congress is scheduled on June 29 in capital Bucharest, according to a party statement issued on Tuesday. A first round of elections is scheduled on June 24, 25, followed by a second and final round on June 27 and 28, USR spolesperson Ionuț Moșteanu told reporters. Mr. Drulă has been USR president since July 2022, and a former transport and infrastructure minister.

Bucharest and other 14 Romanian counties under yellow code of extreme temperatures

Capital Bucharest and other 14 south-eastern counties in Romania are under a yellow code of heatwave and thermal disconfort on Wednesday with temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius. The regions include southern Muntenia, south-eastern Dobrogea and eastern Moldova provinces. Temperatures in Bucharest spiked at over 34 degrees Celsius while extreme heat was expected to affect 12 counties. Doctors have warned that vulnerable people, such as children and the elderly, should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. In July and August 2023, temperatures climbed to 39 degrees Celsius in the north-eastern city of Iassy.

In Romania prices of post services, drugs and cleaning products go high

In Romania, prices of post services, drugs and cleaning products went higher last year, according to figures issued by the countrys National Institute of Statistics on Wednesday. Only last month, postal services prices went up over 26 percent, and some over 24 percent in the case of drugs and cleaning products when compared to same products in May 2023. In food products, higher prices were reported for fruit and wine. Romania’s central bank, the BNR, forecasts inflation will slow to 4.9 percent by the end of the year as the country’s inflation slowed more than expected in May boosting the chances for the first rate cut in more than three years.

Alexandru Danga