News review of the day – August 4th

PM Victor Ponta assesses state budget revenue after first seven months

Prime Minister Victor Ponta stated that data regarding state budget revenue after the first seven months in 2015 prove the difference between USL’s development-oriented economic approach and the austerity policy promoted by the Liberals and the Democrat Liberals in 2010-2012. The PM has pointed out in a Facebook post the main measures adopted by the Cabinet since the year has started, among which the reduction of Employer Social Security Contributions by 5%, the reduction of special construction tax from 1.5 to 1 % and the reduction of VAT on food from 24 o 9%.

Co-President of the Liberal Party Alina Gorghiu declared yesterday that Prime Minister Ponta oscillates when it comes to renew the IMF agreement which, according to the Liberals, would guarantee stable economic parameters for Romania.

Cluj-Napoca hosting NISS 2015 – NATO International Summer School – (3rd – 7th August)

The city of Cluj-Napoca is hosting the NATO International Summer School (NISS) these days, attended by students with various academic backgrounds from the Alliance member states but also from partner countries. Subjects on the agenda concern international politics amid a time of instability: NATO as a significant peacekeeping actor; NATO’s open-door policy; connections for the future; international conflicts or hybrid war. The works of the NISS 2015 will close on Friday, with a common declaration adopted by all participants intended to be a peace manifesto. Cluj-Napoca is also the 2015 European Youth Capital.

Central Bank maintains monetary policy interest rate to yearly 1.75%

Romania’s Central Bank has decided today to maintain the monetary policy interest rate to a yearly 1.75 percent and to properly manage bank liquidities. The Central Bank has also decided to maintain current installment levels for minimum reserve requirements applying to Ron and foreign-exchange liabilities of credit institutions, namely those amounts that commercial banks are obliged to deposit at BNR. During today’s meeting, the Central Bank has analyzed and approved the quarterly Inflation Report which is going to be made public on Thursday, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

Soil water storage to remain at a very low level in Romania

Extremely hot weather and drought will continue to maintain soil water storage to a very low level on fields all over the country, according to a forecast by The National Weather Administration. The autumn wheat crops will be harvested in good conditions, but the corn and sugar beet crops will be affected by the drought. At least 25% of all crops in Romania have already been compromised this year. Corn, sunflower and soy crops are the most affected. Moldova is the region registering the highest losses, but also a large part of Dobrudja, the Southwest and Northwest of Romania. The Ministry of Agriculture has for the time being promised farmers they would receive compensations for smaller crops, in as far larger exploitations are concerned special financing being required.

Foreign tourists blocked on cruise ships due to low Danube level

Several cruise ships from Germany and Austria heading for the Danube Delta are blocked on Corabia-Turnu Măgurele sector due to low water level of the river. Tourists are being transfered by coach to the city of Tulcea, but most of them choose to wait on the ships. Touroperator in Tulcea has decided not to charge them for the coach transfers, in order to honor the contracts, but most of them, mainly elderly persons, refuse to disembark because the 600-kilometer coach ride is too difficult for them. 400 cruises are expected in August, but they are likely to be cancelled should Danube level remain the same. A similar situation was registered in the summer of 2010 and the number of tourists drastically dropped the following year.

Turnover volume in retail rises due to food, beverages and fuels

Turnover volume in the retail sector has risen by almost 5 percent in the first semester of 2015 against the same period last year, according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics. A major role has been played by food, beverage and tobacco sales as well as fuels. Data by the INS also show that in June 2015 against May 2015, the turnover volume in retail has risen by more than 4%, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

Public radio documentary to run in military section of the International History and Military Film Festival in Poland

A multimedia documentary titled „Romania in Afghanistan”, recounting 12 years of Romanian presence in the theater of operations in Afghanistan, has been selected to run in the competition dedicated to military documentaries of the International History and Military Film Festival in Poland, which will take place in Warsaw, September 8 to 12. The documentary produced by Radio Romania’s main news station has qualified alongside 19 other productions from Poland, France, Australia, Canada, Iran, Spain or Switzerland. The documentary, signed by journalists Mario Balint and Ilie Pintea and produced by Nicu Popescu, has been filmed by public radio’s correspondents supported by the Romanian General Staff in harsh climate and security conditions imposed by the theatre of operations in Afghanistan. The reporters have joined the Romanian troops in the first line and managed to capture the most relevant information, images and emotions of Romanian military in combat. The multimedia production can be accessed at: or on YouTube:

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