Wednesday, September 19th

The international conference „Romania and historic events from 1914 to 1920” took place in Bucharest

The Romanian capital, Bucharest, has hosted on Tuesday the international conference „Romania and historic events from 1914 to 1920. The accomplishment of the Great Union and Romania’s integration”. The event has brought together several historians and cultural figures from Europe and United States. The President of the Romanian Academy, the historian Ioan Aurel Pop, has said: „I hope with all my heart that these messages sent by researchers, historians, philologists of multilateral specialists, reach the ears and, sometimes, the hearts of interested Romanians. I believe that if these messages are hears by as many Romanians as possible, they will prove a fact that is both essential and simple: that we are not alone in Europe.

The Romanian government has set the date for a referendum to redefine the family

The government of Romania has decided that the referendum on resetting the family definition will be held on October 6-7, from 7AM to 9PM, so as to ensure a public consultation as wide as possible. Citizens will be asked if the agree with the amendments to the Constitution adopted in parliament. These changes state that the family is based on the consensual marriage between a man and a woman, not between spouses, as provided by the current law. The money assigned to organize the referendum is around 164 million lei, according to government representatives.

The first appeal for Liviu Dragnea’s conviction to three years and six months of jail will be heard on October 8th

The Supreme Court has set the date of October 8th to hear the appeal of Liviu Dragnea in the case of bogus employment where the Social Democrat President was sentenced to three years and six months of jail. The appeal will be considered by a team of five judges, led by Iulian Dragomir. On June 21st, the High Court of Cassation and Justice has sentenced Liviu Dragnea, along with other defendants, for having incited to the crime of abuse of office, by hiring two women at the Social Assistance Direction in Teleorman, while they were also working for his PSD organization.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR