Tuesday, September 29

BNR’s ROBOR index up 2.9 percent

Romanian National Bank’s index ROBOR went up to 2.09 percent from its previous 2.07 percent, according to a BNR statement issued on Tuesday. The value of Romania’s Interbank Offer Rate (ROBOR) also increased at six-month level at 2.10 percent with 2.13 percent at 12-month. ROBOR rate for each maturity is calculated by proxy as an arithmetical average of last rate put forward by each participant in RON deposits offered within 15 minute before fixing after rejecting extreme rates, according to BNR rules.

Mayor wanted, dead or alive…

Villagers in the south-eastern Romanian village of Deveselu re-elected on Sunday their mayor who  actually died some ten days ago. Former Deveselu mayor Ion Aliman ‘won’ the local elections as he received 64 percent of the vote. A video shared on social media showed dozens of villagers visiting the grave of Mr. Aliman, a former member of Romania’s left-wing Social Democratic Party (PSD). Ion Aliman won 1,057 of the 1,600 votes in Deveselu despite having died on September 17 at 57. Romania’s local elections on Sunday were seen as a ‘rehearsal’ of general elections scheduled on December 6.

Romania’s COVID-19 updates

34.3 percent of COVID-19 cases in Romania were mainly reported in the capital Bucharest and other major cities and towns such as Iassy and Bacău  (north-eastern Romania), Black Sea port of Constantza, and central Transylvanian town of Brasov, according to data issued by the country’s National Public Health Institute on Tuesday. Some 31 percent of the deaths were also reported in the capital Bucharest with similar cases in the counties of Prahova (southern Romania), Arad and Bihor (north-western Romania) and again Iassy. On daily bases, Romania reported 125,414 new cases on Tuesday with 4,792 deaths, and 100.606 recovered, according to reports of  Romania’s Strategic Communication Group (GCS).

Alexandru Danga, RADOR