News review of the day – October 21th

Social Democrat Viorel Hrebenciuc resigns from Parliament

Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies, the Social Democrat Viorel Hrebenciuc, has resigned from Parliament, today. He is prosecuted by the National Anticorruption Directorate abuse of power in three cases. The Speaker of the Chamber, Valeriu Zgonea, has said that Mr Hrebenciuc’s gesture is one of normality and honor, considering the election campaign, and his criminal files could have harmed the image of the Romanian Social Democratic Party.

Ten border police officers were arrested for bribery

Ten border police officers were detained for taking bribes at Giurgiu-Ruse border crossing point. The prosecutors of the General Prosecutor’s Office have asked for the remand in custody of the defendants. According to the investigators, from 2011 to the present, a practice have been established among police officers to receive between 20 euros and 100 lei to allow persons to cross the border to Bulgaria in cars provisionally registered, which is against the law.

The economic situation in the countries of South-East Europe, the main topic of the conference in Bucharest organized by „The Economist”

The economic situation in South-East Europe is the main topic of discussions in Bucharest, at the summit organized by the prestigious British magazine „The Economist”. The event continues today with the economic section, with topics related to the economic and business climate in South East Europe, the perspectives for the banking sector, the opportunities offered to investors by the countries in the region, infrastructure, energy, and the challenges and competitive advantages that research and development and innovation can provide. Representatives of „The Economist Intelligence Unit” have showed that growth prospects for the region remain positive, but the recovery will continue to be difficult and could be affected by the fact that structural reforms have not yet been finalized, by the crisis in Ukraine on large economies such as Germany. Romania’s role in the region, in the context of the Ukrainian crisis, was one of the main topics yesterday.

Romania in Afghanistan – 12 years of Romanian-American Strategic Partnership

For 12 years, the Romanian military fought alongside the great armies of the world, in a place where history is written in blood every minute. For 12 years, Romanian troops fulfilled their duty more than 5,000 miles away from home, earning the respect and admiration of the coalition partners. There were 12 years of efforts to which Radio Romania also took part, and we are proud to mark the Public Radio Day through an exhibition of photos by Radio Romania war reporters in this theater of operations. The exhibition’ Romania in Afghanistan – 12 years’ will be launched on Friday, October 24th , at 11:30 a.m. in the foyer of the Public Radio.

Timisoara will run for the title of „European Capital of Culture”

Romania will have a new European cultural capital in 2021, after Sibiu received this title in 2007. Among the cities that have announced their intention to run for this title are Timisoara, Iasi, Cluj Napoca and Arad. In Timisoara, for example, the directions that will guide the development of a plan to win the competition are presented today.
The major directions of the cultural program for 2021 will take into account the cultural strategy of Timisoara for the next ten years, recently developed, which was formed around four axes: Timisoara creative, involved, connected, responsible and open, reflecting both the concern for the heritage, urban regeneration and connection to the European artistic movements and capitalization on the character of a multicultural city.

Natalia Polikarpov