News review of the day – November 18th

Supreme Court postpones verdict in President-elect’s incompatibility case

Romania’s High Court of Cassation and Justice has postponed for November 25th the trial in which Mayor of Sibiu and now President-elect Klaus Iohannis is standing for incompatibilty issues found by the National Integrity Agency (ANI). In April 2013, ANI announced that the Mayor of Sibiu had incompatibility issues because he also served in the boards of two companies, but he  won an annulment of the verdict. The trial is now in the second stage of appeal, formulated by ANI and introduced at the Supreme Court. Should the Court find Klaus Iohannis incompatible, the result of the poll would be challenged. Officials with such verdicts are banned from public office for at least 3 years.

Chamber of Deputies votes against amnesty-and-pardon law

The Chamber of Deputies has rejected in joint session earlier this evening the draft bill regarding amnesty and pardon which was introduced on today’s agenda after being blocked for nine months. The law was feared to come to favor former officials convicted for corruption matters. During presidential elections campaign the Social Democrat majority has repeatedly rejected the requests formulated by the oppostion to introduce the draft bill on the agenda. The second day after the elections, the Social Democrat leader Victor Ponta has agreed to start the debate in the lower chamber  following a request by his opponent in the presidential runoff, Liberal Klaus Iohannis.

Chambers of Parliament endorse several requests for MPs with corruption issues

The two chambers of the Parliament have endorsed several requests formulated by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) today regarding MPs that need to face justice in different trials or have incompatibility issues. Therefore, the Senate has endorsed criminal investigation procedures for Social Democrat Ecaterina Andronescu and UNPR Serban Mihailescu and has declared the chair vacant in case of Liberal Akos Mora who resigned today following incompatibiliy issues ruled as such in court.
The Chamber of Deputies has endorsed remand custody for Conservative MP Ion Diniţă. Similar requests are still being debated for Social Democrat Ioan Adam and Liberal Mircea Rosca. The Judicial Committee of the lower chamber had decided earlier today to endorse requests concerning Ion Diniţă şi Ioan Adam, but to recommend the plenum to repel remand custody for Mircea Rosca.

Constitutional Court receives three claims disputing the second round of presidential elections

Constitutional Court of Romania has received three claims disputing the second round of the presidential runoff on Sunday. The judges are going to sit tommorrow for the debate of the three claims introduced by citizens. According to the law, annulment of elections can only be claimed by political parties and alliances or by candidates who have been part of the elections. The Constitutional Court avouches the voting process procedure and validates the results of the poll.

President-elect urges Cabinet to speed up drafting of state budget

Romania’s President-elect and leader of the National Liberal Party Klaus Iohannis has urged the Cabinet once more to send the 2015 state-budget draft bill to the Parliament. In a Cabinet meeting today, PM Victor Ponta, his Social Democrat opponent in the presidential elections, has asked the ministers to get the next-year state-budget bill ready by the time the joint delegation of European Commission, IMF and World Bank arrives to Romania. Representatives of the international financial institutions are expected in Bucharest early this December. Yesterday, the Prime Minister reiterated that no fiscal reforms regarding the flat tax rate or other taxes are going to be announced for 2015.

Romania is runner-up in the EU concerning increase in registered number of new cars

Romania comes second in the European Union statistics concerning increase in registered number of new cars. According to data by the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association, 7,300 new cars have been registered last month in our country – a raise by 31 percent against October 2013. Romania has been surpassed only by Cyprus which has reported a 35 percent advance. Overall, Germany remains the first country in the EU with 275,000 registered new cars. Automotive market in the EU has seen growth for the 14th consecutive month in October, when more than 1 million new vehicles have been sold.

Romanian revolutionary health device awarded gold medal in Eureka competition

The Romanian device called „Electronic Doctor” which represents a revolutionary health instrument has been awarded the gold medal of Eureka international innovation competition in Brussels. The device invented by medical doctor Bogdan Vlădilă uses electro-magnetism for non-invasive treatments and has already received patent in 28 countries. Bogdan Vlădilă explained its main benefits: The device is efficient for reducing wrinkles and stretch marks and it can also be used in dentistry problems, like periodontosis for regeneration of gum tissue or for hair loss treatments, ensuring hair growth in follicle-deprived areas in about 5 years.

14-year study on children raised in orphanages

Children raised in orphanages come to have intellectual development problems whereas teenagers face social integration issues, according to a 14-year long study carried on by Romania’s Institute for Mother and Child Protection alongside three American universities. In 2000, the study began with 130 institutionalized children by the age of 3.
Major issues revealed by the study are lower IQ levels due to lack of affectivity and contained emotions, higher aggressiveness, reduced capacity of short and average-term memory and several other cerebral implications, like a decrease in the gray matter in the cortex. However, the study shows that most problems start to disappear when the child is placed in foster care or is adopted.

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