News review of the day – Wednesday, December 31st

Frosty weather expected in Romania

–31°C in Întorsura Buzăului, –24°C in the central Transylvanian town of Braşov, –22°C in the central Romanian town of Sibiu and –20°C in the southern town of Târgovişte – these are values recorded during Romania’s first frosty night. An even colder weather is expected during the night of the New Year’s Eve, the coldest in the last 53 years, according to Mihai Timu, a meteorologist with the country’s National Meteorological Administration (ANM). Lowest temperatures of more than –25°C are expected in eastern Transylvania. However, higher temperatures are expected after January 2nd with average daily temperatures between –4°C and +4C, and –10°C at night.

Case reopened against former President Traian Băsescu

Romania’s Prosecutor General’s Office reopened a blackmail case against former President Traian Băsescu on Tuesday. Gabriela Vrânceanu-Firea, a former journalist currently Senator in the parliaments’ upper house and spokeswoman of the governing Social Democratic Party, accused Mr. Băsescu of blackmailing her but the case was dropped given the president’s immunity. Prosecutors are expected to resume their investigation and then decide whether a prosecution should proceed or not. The case was opened following a complaint put forward by Ms. Firea and a petition signed by more than 170 MPs, according to a communiqué issued by the Prosecutor General’s Office earlier this year.

Opposition PNL party will comply with court ruling

Romania’s opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) said it would comply with a Constitutional Court verdict ruling that the country’s Budget next year was consistent with the Romanian Constitution. The Opposition is waiting to see how the government will comply with the Budget plan it put forward, newly elected PNL President Alina Gorghiu said on Tuesday. „Many figures and estimates are unrealistic”, Ms. Gorghiu wrote in a Facebook massage. A complaint pur forward by the opposition PNL and the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) concerning the newly adopted 2015 Budget Law was rejected by the country’s Constitutional Court on Monday.

Opening of a National Festival of Customs and Traditions

A National Festival of Customs and Traditions opened in the Romanian north-eastern resort of Vatra Dornei on Tuesday. Under the slogan „Start the Plough, Charming Princes”, the festival includes folk ensambles and traditional well-wishers. The resort of Vatra Dornei is a picturesque region of customs, traditions and folk songs where villagers combine harmoniously songs, dances and customs. Wishing to preserve old winter customs in the northern province of Bucovina and other regions across the country, the festival hosts ensambles along with folk dancers, well-wishers and singers. It includes such moments as the Goat Play, Bear Play, Stag Play, Masks’ Dance, The Star and the so-called Sorcova well-wishing.

Alexandru Danga