Friday, January 30th, 2015

President Iohannis insists that the European Union is the strongest guarantee of peace and stability

The accession to the Schengen Area and the adoption of the euro are the central objectives of foreign policy for President Klaus Iohannis. In his speech during his first meeting with foreign diplomats in Bucharest, Romanian President insisted that the European Union is the strongest guarantee of peace and stability. Supporting the European course of Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia also remain on the agenda of Romania’s foreign policy, as well as the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America, which is a „paramount landmark” of Romania’s foreign policy, stressed the President in his speech. He also launched a very strong warning against those who threaten the lifestyle of free people, referring to the recent terrorist attacks in France and Ukraine, committed against civilians. „We do not want future generations to know the horrors of conflicts of any kind, but that does not mean that anyone who threatens the lifestyles of freeborn people will not meet with an appropriate response”, said Klaus Iohannis. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

The Health Report was presented yesterday by the representatives of the medical system in Romania

The status of the health system in Romania could be improved through a national pact the in the next decade, signed by all parliamentary parties, announced the Alliance for Romania and the Ministry of Health. The idea was launched yesterday during the presentation by this organization which brings together patients, physicians and healthcare providers – of the Health Report. The document highlights the progress made by the system during the past 15 years, and the chronic deficiencies such as insufficient funding and poor access to specialist services. Attending the event, Minister Nicolae Banicioiu said that in order to attract doctors to villages, where health care is poor, he will soon present a draft law in this respect. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

The gross minimum wage will reach 1,200 lei in 2016

The gross minimum wage  will reach 1,200 lei next year, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced. Attending a debate on combating poverty, Prime Minister said that this phenomenon is a cause of corruption and that the inequalities in society may be reduced only with an efficient economy. In 2014, the minimum wage was increased to 900 lei. Earlier this month it reached 975 lei and from July 1st the minimum wage will increase by a further 75 lei. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu