News review of the day – April 24th

Romanian and Bulgarian governments have scheduled a joint meeting in Craiova

Prime Ministers of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, Victor Ponta, Boyko Borisov and Aleksandar Vucic, will discuss today, during the trilateral meeting in Craiova, both about the cooperation in strategic areas and about Serbia’s accession process to the European Union. Developments in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership will also be discussed. The meeting of the premiers will conclude with a joint press conference, around noon. The two delegations will focus mainly on strengthening bilateral dialogue at political and sectoral level and also on coordinating the positions of Romania and Bulgaria at European and regional level.  Joint projects in the economic, energy, regional development, tourism, home affairs and justice will also be analyzed. Other discussions will cover European Union strategy for the Danube Region, joining the Schengen Area and the Eastern Partnership. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

President Klaus Iohannis statement at the end of European summit on illegal immigration in the Mediterranean Sea

In his intervention, Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, emphasized the need for solidarity with the member states which bear the greatest burden in receiving these immigrants coming from North Africa, namely the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. In the same time, the President said that increasing the budget of Frontex was discussed and Romania is ready to send more experts in the area. On medium and long term, Klaus Iohannis stated that work must be done on cause, namely: the poverty in areas from which the north african migrants come from. A document with summit’s outcome states that human trafficking must be properly tackled and the influx of illegal immigrants must be prevented. The document also reveals that because there is still no European legislation, at this moment, related to asylum policy, solutions are needed in each member state and also the relocation and resettlement of these migrants. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Romanian Foreign Minister about creating platforms for dialogue to build trust

Romania proposes creating platforms for dialogue to build trust and advocates for the establishment of a so-called prosperity belt around the Union, said Romanian Foreign, Minister Bogdan Aurescu. He said that this proposal comes amid the proliferation of the unstable cores, which led to an atmosphere of suspicion in the wider neighborhood of the European Union. Bogdan Aurescu explained that these security structures can generate an environment of trust and they can increase the security and development conditions in an area that will go beyond the immediate vicinity of the Union. Foreign Minister added that it is necessary to build a genuine prosperity and security belt around the Union, not only by the help of the neighbors, but also through extended neighborhood. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu