News review of the day – June 3rd

National mourning day in Moldova honouring Romanian medical rescuers killed in helicopter crash

President of Moldova Nicolae Timofti and Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu have laid wreaths at the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau today to pay their respects to the victims of the helicopter crash that involved a Romanian SMURD rescue aircraft. All four members of the crew died yesterday after an emergency helicopter coming from Iasi to the Republic of Moldova crashed in Cantemir district while on a medical mission to transport a 85-year old patient from Cahul to a hospital in Chisinau.
According to the Moldovan Presidency, quoted by Moldpres, Nicolae Timofti signed in the condolences book opened by Romania’s diplomatic mission. The neighbouring country also declared a national mourning day to honour the four medical rescuers that lost their lives during the mission, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

Reception on Italy’s National Day emphasizes excellent relations between Romania and Italy

The Italian ambasador to Bucharest, His Excellency Diego Brasioli, hosted an official evening reception on Thursday marking Italy’s National Day, attended by President Klaus Iohannis as a guest of honor. The ambassador emphasized in front of politicians, artists and diplomats that Romania has met all necessary requirements for the Schengen area accession as far back as 2011 and pointed out that the government in Rome supports Romania’s efforts in this pursuit.

„Italy stands beside Romania and we are proudly supporting its legitimate aspirations to access the Schengen area. In fact, we consider Romania has already met all necessary requirements since 2011”, ambassador Brasioli stated.

The Italian diplomat also declared that Romanians living in the Peninsula have „successfully” integrated within the Italian society whereas economic relations between the two countries are particularly strong: „I believe it is hard to picture a closer realtionship between two countries than the one Italy and Romania have. We speak two similar languages, we share common cultural values and traditions”.

Ambassador Brasioli reminded the audience that „more than 1 million Romanians live in Italy and more than 20.000 Italian companies have made investments and now produce in Romania”.

President Klaus Iohannis has also taken the floor at the event, announcing the upcoming visit of his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella to Romania.

„I firmly believe that the approaching visit to Romania of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella will continue and deepen the dialogue between the two countries”, the head of state declared.

Romania’s President said Italy’s National Day is an occasion to be celebrated by Romanians as well. „Our solid historical ties and long tradition of cooperation and friendship have acquired a new and significant expression through the strategic partnership concluded between Romania and Italy that contributed to a continuous evolution of our political and economic cooperation”.

The chief of state added that Italy is Romania’s second trade partner and occupies the first position among foreign investors: „Our common goal is that Italian companies play an even more significant role in Romania’s economic evolution, by the size and impact of their projects. Italian companies are highly interested in investing in Romania and our mission is to present them with opportunities stimulating this interest”.

Klaus Iohannis mentioned that bilateral relations are also privileged in the European Union „as Romania and Italy jointly support certain initiatives meant to accomplish an enhanced European integration”
Presdient Iohannis ensured that „Romania is acting and will continue acting solidary within the European Union, alongside members states, including Italy, to help solving difficult issues like the migration crisis”

The evening reception on Thursday was attended by President Klaus Iohannis, former Prime Minister Victor Ponta, former President Emil Constantinescu, Speaker of the Chamber Valeriu Zgonea and diplomats like US Ambassador Hans Klemm, UK Ambassador Paul Brummell.

Immigration Offices nationwide to work longer hours over the next two days

Offices of the General Inspectorate for Immigration will work longer hours over the next couple of days to be able to register residents coming from the European Union. According to a press release by the institution, immigration offices countrywide will be open from 8 AM to 4 PM tomorrow and from 7 AM to 9 PM on Sunday, the local elections day. Individuals who need a residence certificate issued must introduce a written application accompanied by supporting documents, depending on their residence purposes. The certificate cost is 2 RON and the amount must be paid at CEC Bank subsidiaries in accounts opened by local authorities, RADIO ROMANIA informs.

Nearly 600,000 foreigners visited Romania during the first four months of 2016

Nearly 600,000 foreigners visited Romania during the first four months of 2016, on the rise with 50,000 against the same perioad last year, according to data published today by the National Statistics Institute. Moreover, the total number of tourists – both Romanian and foreign ones – rose by a quarter of a million so far against the previous year, reaching 2,5 million, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

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