News review of the day – May 11th

Regional Cyber Security Summit starts off in Bucharest

Romania can become a regional cyber-security leader, according to a statement by PM Victor Ponta at the beginning of the Regional Cyber Security Summit in Bucharest. The chief of the Cabinet considers that data protection domain hosts the most complicated unconventional war nowadays with military, civilian and business systems permanently threatened by attacks.

The summit, organized in partnership with the US Department of Commerce and the US Embassy in Bucharest, reunites 17 participant states from Central and Southeastern Europe, members of NATO and the EU but also non-members, which will present their cyber security policies and will approach subjects concerning cyber threats and vulnerabilities. The participants will also try to identify regional and international co-operation opportunities and share good practice. Talks and meetings are going to last for three days, May 11-13, in the presence of Romania’s Prime Minister Victor Ponta and US’ Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce H. Andrews.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has announced today that Romania’s goal is to become a regional leader in this domain with the assistance of the United States:

Victor Ponta: Political, military and economic relations between Romania and the US all depend on our capacity to ensure security of communication technologies, software and data handling.

US Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce H. Andrews has stated in his turn that a partnership with American companies in cyber security domain is the best way to protect Romania.

Bruce Andrews: It is very important for us not to endorse laws and regulations that can affect cyber security or put obstacles to interoperability and innovation. We are witnessing an increase in digital protectionism and digital nationalism all over the world, with governments enforcing laws and policies that only benefit national industries.

Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce H. Andrews is accompanied to Bucharest by 20 representatives of IT companies in the United States on a commercial mission to present the latest solutions developed in this domain.

58% of Romanians favor the idea of reintroducing mandatory military service

58% of Romanians favor the idea of reintroducing mandatory military service, at least these are the results of a survey conducted by INSCOP Research April 23-30, quoted by Europa FM radio station. However, the ones supporting mandatory military service are not the young, but the older, who would not be targeted by a call-up. The other 30% declared themselves against this idea and the rest did not give an answer. 70% of persons above 65 years old and only 40% of young people between 18 and 34 have agreed with mandatory military. Most supporters come from Moldova and Bukovina regions in northern Romania, they are mainly rural area dwellers and are not college graduates. The survey was conducted on a sample of 1.000 persons and was commissioned by „Adevarul” daily newspaper.

Public servants protest in front of Cabinet’s headquarters

Representatives of several public servants’ unions have protested in front of Victoria Palace today (the Cabinet’s headquarters) asking for higher salaries. The unionists have accused the Government of forcing them to give in to corrupt practices following a decision stipulating that they are to receive the minimum national wage starting July, according to their union leader Sorin Stan. Public servants say they are going to protest daily this week, hoping to compel the Cabinet to start negotiations.

Lands and buildings in Romania to be officialy registered for free

Lands and buildings in Romania are going to be registered for free starting today during a National Program which will last until 2023 – according to a press release by Minister of Regional Development Liviu Dragnea. The budget alloted to this program numbers 1.2 billion euros – 300 million coming from European funds and the rest from The Land and Cadaster Registry’s own revenues. The cadaster operation is going to be completed in 2015 for 147 towns, Bucharest not among them. The minister says this program is going to generate 5.600 job oportunities. Romania has approximately 40 million buildings, but only one fifth of these are registered in the official registry.

Romania wins six medals at the 49th International Chemistry Olympiad

Romania won two gold medals, three silver medals and one bronze medal at the 49th edition of the International Chemistry Olympiad which took place in Yerevan this year. The gold medalists are high school students from Bucharest and the city of Targu Jiu and they receive the prizes for the second year in a row. 95 students form 15 countries attended the interantional competition this year.

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