News review of the day – Thursday, June 4th

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen on a visit to Bucharest

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has been on a visit to Bucharest for talks regarding Europe’s new security strategy. The German official has met with the head of state, the Prime Minister and her Romanian counterpart, Mircea Duşa, whom she assured of all her support in setting up NATO’s command and control centres in Romania.

Ursula von der Leyen: I have noticed major concerns regarding the effects of Kremlin’s policy in Ukraine. We are aware of the strategic significance the Black Sea region has and deserves. This being the case, we share common guidelines on our future path.

The two ministers have stated the only solution to the Ukraine conflict is the diplomatic way. At the same time, Germany is going to participate with troops to the upcoming two Allied structures in Romania.
The German minister was also received by President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Victor Ponta with talks focusing on the Europe’s new security strategy. Ursula von der Leyen is the first woman appointed Defense Minister in Germany.

The Fiscal Code project will need significant amendments – IMF expert Guillermo Tolosa

The Fiscal Code project will need significant amendments should it remain in the form proposed by the Cabinet, according to the IMF expert Guillermo Tolosa at a financial conference in Bucharest. He also considers that cutting expenses meant to compensate for fiscal relaxtion measures is not going to be enough. Targeted economic indicators for 2015 are going to be reached, Mr Tolosa said, but 2016 will prove difficult for meeting the goals due to a significant lack in revenues. The IMF expert also stated that last month’s talks with the technical mission of the Fund went well, but the Romanian Cabinet should make decisions to improve future prospects.

Romania might hold referendum on Eurozone accession in 2017 or 2018

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has stated today that a referendum on Romania’s accession to the Eurozone will probably be held in 2017 or 2018, should technical conditions be met by our country in order to adopt the single currency. The PM added that the accession is seen as sustainable and the deadline to meet this objective is still July 1st 2019, when Romania will take over the EU Presidency.

The EC appreciated Romania’s progress in drawing up the Transport Master Plan

The European Commission has appreciated Romania’s progress in drawing up the Transport Master Plan. Our country has the most enhanced framework for a General Transport Master Plan of all 22 member states that are currently preparing such a document, according to the European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu after a meeting in Brussels with Romania’s Transport Minister Ioan Rus. The commissioner also pointed out that the goal of both European Commission and the Government in Bucharest is to conclude and adopt the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme and The Regional Operational Programme by mid-July.

The Cabinet wants to stimulate birth rate in Romania

The Cabinet plans to present a project by fall meant to reform the welfare system, mainly those programs supporting families and children in order to stimulate the birth rate in Romania, according to an announcement made today by Minister of Labor, Family, and Social Protection, Rovana Plumb. The minister also stated that the Constitutional Court was consulted regarding a legislative initiative regarding introduction of discriminated child benefits but the court could not give ruling in this matter prior to adoption of a law.

„Bridges of Tolerance”  B’nai B’rith project, second edition, in Bucharest

The second edition of a project called „Bridges of Tolerance” is taking place until tomorrow in Bucharest. Holocaust survivors in Romania evoking certain moments they lived are among the participants. Today’s presentations focus on the Jewish contribution to the development of Romania’s culture and on the role of justice, law and order to promoting and consolidating values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
President of  B’nai B’rith ‘Dr. Moses Rosen’ Forum in Romania, Jose Iacobescu: There will be three workshops. The main subjects concern anti-Semitism, the support given by Romanian authorities to the Jewish community and a presentation of its achievements and the third workshop is about ethics and philosophy, on extremely interesting subjects.

High-performance laboratory for bioimpedance analysis inaugurated in Timisoara

A high-performance laboratory for total body bioimpedance analysis is being inaugurated today at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in the western city of Timisoara. The analysis is very useful to assess nutrition needs and to establish appropriate therapies. The inauguration is made during a national Biophysics Conference attended by Romanian and foreign researchers. The laboratory was financed by the university itself and has high-end equipment by international standards. Doctors can measure the percentage of body fat with an adipometer using a non-invasive method and the results allow estimating the body’s energy needs. The analysis can be useful to people with metabolic dysfunctions or athletes that simply want to stay healthy, alike.

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