News review of the day – Thursday, July 2nd

End of the Media 2020 International Conference

Organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and the Romanian public radio (Romanian Broadcasting Corporation – SRR), the Media 2020 Conference on „Bringing Media to the Future” ended in the Romanian capital Bucharest on Wednesday. ABU and SRR teamed up for the first time in their effort to address changes currently under way in media industry. SRR succeeded in establishing relations with ABU, one of the major media institutions in Asia and the Pacific region with audiences of more than 4 billion people. ABU Secretary General Dr. Javad Mottaghi praised the organisers for the friendly atmosphere. „The contents of the programmes remain the real „king”, and this is our most significant message to the public. Technology is only the platform. But the message and contents remain most relevant for the audience”, Mr. Mottaghi said.
„The substance of the conference was most special. I wish to thank Radio Romania for achieving something new and for raising a bridge between Europe and Asia”, BBC’s Graham Ellis pointed out. SRR President Director General Ovidiu Miculescu told reporters „I believe it was a success, I believe that Romania, Bucharest and Radio Romania proved they were able to generate major things. We proved that we were reliable partners, and the Radio Romania door remained open to partnerships, and many more other projects of co-operation. We share common values as I believe the public mission is similar everywhere in the world, and we need to go forward together”.

NATO Secretary General on a visit to Romania

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg started an official visit to Romania on Thursday. Mr. Stoltenberg already met Romanian Defence Minister Mircea Duşa. President Klaus Iohannis is expected to meet Mr. Stoltenberg at the Presidential Palace at Cotroceni in the capital Bucharest later on Thursday. Mr. Stoltenberg agenda also includes meetings with Romanian acting Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea and Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu.

Romania’s governing PSD eager to see its new transport minister in place

Romania’s governing Social Democratic Party (PSD) called on President Klaus Iohannis to make his decision concerning the nomination of the country’s new transport minister made by Prime Minister Victor Ponta. In a statement on Thursday, the Social Democrats argue the president is delaying the appointment although Mr. Ponta submitted a proposal two weeks ago. The PSD Senator Mihai Fifor is expected to become the country’s new transport minister replacing Ioan Rus who was forced to resign after his inappropriate remarks on Romanians working abroad. In another development, Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc told reporters that Mr. Ponta was in good shape after his knee surgery in Turkey and he was expected back home in a few days.

Lower house deputy speaker under DNA investigation

Romania’s National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) launched an investigation involving the deputy speaker of the parliament’s lower house on Thursday. Dan Motreanu, Deputy Speaker of the House of Deputies, is suspected of money laundring and abuse of office in exchange of illegal benefits. Mr. Motreanu, also a former Agriculture Minister representing the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL), appeared before prosecutors of the country’s anti-corruption watchdog at the DNA headquarters in the capital Bucharest. He is under investigation for alleged involvement in the case of George Scutaru, a former presidential adviser suspected of bribe and money laundring. Prosecutors allege Mr. Scutaru received 170,000 euros while Dan Motreanu got another 250,000 euro for financing the election campaign in 2008.

Cultural summer in Slatina

A theater festival will open in the Romanian southern town of Slatina in mid-July. Capital of the Olt county, Slatina is expected to host performances at the Eugene Ionesco Cultural Center  in the city. Some of the country’s best artists including Adriana Trandafir, Marius Bodochi and Sebastian Papaiani are expected to perform as guests. „Confessions of a Dog”, a show directed by actor Eugen Titu, will open the festival which will also include a genuine dialogue of arts in a new edition of the Interludica series. The Elisabeta Theatre in Bucharest is expected with new performances following its succes with „Look Back in Anger” last year.

Alexandru Danga