Wednesday, November 1st

Romania has strongly condemned the terrorist attack in the United States

Romania strongly condemns the terrorist attack that killed eight people in the United States and expresses its solidarity with the country, President Klaus Iohannis has said on Wednesday. The Romanian President has sent his condolences to the victims’ families. „Romania is entirely sympathetic with the United States, our strategic partner, during these difficult times and reaffirms its commitment to continue to act alongside it, with all available means, to counter terrorism, which is not justified by anything”, Mr. Iohannis has said. Eight people were killed and 11 injured when the driver of the truck hit people on a cycle path in Lower Manhattan. A 29-year-old man, an Uzbek immigrant, was shot and injured by police as he left the vehicle. He is under arrest.

Radio Romania is marking 89 years of existence, on the 1st of November

Radio Romania is celebrating 89 years since its first broadcast. On November 1st, 1928 al 5:00 PM, the first transmission of the Romanian Society of Radiotelephonic Broadcast went on air, with the message: „Hello, hello, this is Radio Bucharest”. At present, Radio Romania is the most important media institution in Romania, considering the number of people that are choosing to listen to its programs every day, the campaign it is involved in and the large cultural projects that it has developed. On Wednesday, the Radio Chamber Orchestra is celebrating the anniversary of the Radio, with an extraordinary concert, presided by the bandmaster Radu Popa.

Romania hosts the International Conference of Francophone Women

Participants at the International Conference of Francophone Women which is taking place in Bucharest have agreed that the equality of chances between women and men should start with an access to education,. But this right is almost a dream for girls in many countries that are members of the International Organisation of La Francophonie. Teaching should educate young women not only for a certain profession, but also to become leaders or entrepreneurs. „An education in the spirit of leadership should starts from very young ages, in order to offer self-confidence and assurance to the girls. Regardless of the country they live in, they have to learn a job and eliminate the stereotypes that girls would rather focus on literature or humanistic areas, and boys on science. Everyone admits that there is a great disparity between what the universities bring forward and the reality on the labor market. A better coordination is needed between universities, institution for professional development and employers, so as the people who finish schools could adapt better to the reality of the moment”, Mrs. Rennie Yotova, Director for the Regional Office of Francophonie in Central and Eastern Europe believes. Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that although important progress has been made in Romania in terms of gender equality, the country needs to speed up bridging the gaps. „I firmly believe that equality between women and men is a pillar of the future-oriented society, for which all of us have the duty to act every day.” He added that, by organizing the conference, the capital of Romania is a “genuine international agora of equal opportunities.”

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia RADOR/mbrotacel