Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Iran wants Romanian investments in oil and gas industry

Iran wants Romanian investments in oil and gas industry and also in construction, said Iran’s ambassador to Bucharest, Hamid Moayyer. The diplomat mentioned that 150 foreign economic and diplomatic delegations, including European ones, have come so far in Iran, but Romania is still waited. Mister Moayyer also said that Iran and Romania had excellent relations in the past, including in the economic field. „We believe it would be a good idea for Romania to invest in Iran in exploiting oil and gas”, said the Iranian ambassador, „because in this way you could import Iranian natural resources at a much lower price. Romania could also invest in electricity in Iran, specifically in fuel efficiency, in railways, freight cars, road infrastructure, in research, nanotechnology, cybernetics, biotechnology, in construction, such as, for example, hotels and residential areas”. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

The sanctification of the Ice Church will take place today at Balea Lake

The sanctification of the Ice Church will take place today at Balea Lake, in Fagaras Mountains, where the snow layer exceeds one meter. The consecration ceremony will be officiated by priests from several religions. The indedited place of worship is located at over 2,000 meters altitude in the Fagaras Mountains, it is the only ice church in Romania and has an ecumenical character. For 10 years it is built every winter in the vicinity of the Ice Hotel. Miniature of a church located in the Sibian village Malancrav, the little church is built of blocks of ice cut from Balea Lake and snow mixed with water and the interior is decorated with religious sculptures of snow and ice. Until it melts, the church will be open to all tourists who want to introspect themselves at 2,000 meters altitude. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Romanian Foreign Ministry warns that several custom houses are closed in Greece

Several custom houses are closed in Greece after protests from farmers which led to the blocking of some national roads and highways, Romanian Foreign Ministry announced. In a travel warning issued yesterday for freight carriers, they are advised to check the routes taking into account traffic jams and the fact that the situation is permanently changing. Additional information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Romanians who are abroad can access ‘TravelSafe’ application for advice and warnings in the event that special circumstances arise. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)/astrugar