News review of the day – March 15

General Affairs Council adopted CVM reports on Romania and Bulgaria

EU member states have adopted today European Commission’s CVM reports on Romania and Bulgaria’s justice systems. The two countries are going to be further monitored through the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, according to conclusions of the General Affairs Council. Romania needs to consolidate current progress and defend justice independence in accordance with recommendations made by the Commission this January. CVM monitoring will continue until all short-term requirements regarding Romania’s judicial system are met, according to the document adopted today, quoted by Radio Romania’s correspondent in Brussels.
Among EC’s recommendations on justice reform, the document reiterates amendments that need to be brought to the Codes of Procedure, corruption tackling and prevention, enforcing court decisions regarding MPs integrity by the Parliament.

Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) concluded a five-hour meeting

Romania’s Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) concluded a five-hour meeting today on several subjects, one of them regarding illegal migration in Europe. The Council members have pleaded for amendments that need to be brought to the relevant legislation in order to manage negative effects of the phenomenon, co-operation between relevant structures and the need for additional data regarding refugee integration.
Another subject on the agenda aimed the political situation in Moldova. The members agreed that medium and longterm reform programs need to be implemented in a credible and sustainable manner, both internally and in bilateral relations with Romania.
The Army’s endowment program until 2027 was also discussed during the meeting and members considered that current limitations of Romania’s military capabilities could be overcome or even totally eliminated by the gradual raise of budget allotments started in 2013.

US and British Embassies in Bucharest react to decisions regading use of surveillance evidence

The US Embassy in Bucharest welcomes efforts made by the Romanian Cabinet to bring into line legislation regarding use of technical surveillance evidence with a recent decision of the Constitutional Court. The UK Embassy in Bucharest has also expressed trust that Romania will do its best to be able to obtain and use phone-tapping evidence in full abidance by the Constitution.
The Cabinet adopted an emergency ordinance last week temporarily regulating the issue that followed a court’s decision of unconstitutionality in the case of one article in the Criminal Procedure Code that allowed phone-tapping by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) in criminal investigations. From now on, prosecutors only will be allowed to enforce technical surveillance warrants in criminal investigation files, using SRI’s infrastructure – RADIO ROMANIA reported.

King Michael of Romania discharged after three weeks in Switzerland hospital

King Michael of Romania has been discharged from a clinic in Lausanne after 17 days spent in hospital. According to a press release by the Royal House, His Majesty was taken to his private residence in Switzerland where he will be monitored by doctors. The King’s overall condition is stable but treatment and recovery are due to be lenghty given the severity of the diagnosis. King Michael of Romania announced on March 2nd he was stepping down from public duties after being diagnosed with two forms of cancer.

Trading volume turnover – slightly higher in January against the previous year

Trading volume turnover has slightly risen this January, by 2%, against the same month last year, according to data which does not count the automotive sector, released by the National Statistics Institute (INS). The growth has been mainly stimulated by the food, beverage and tobacco industries. Higher rates of growth have also been reported for enterprise provided services volume. In January 2016, total service-provider turnover has registered a 5.5% growth against the last year with a more consistent rise in the communications sector, by nearly 10%. Statistics also shows positive evolution in the constructions sector, mainly for the MRO (maintenance, repair and operations), but also for the new buildings, with a 2% higher work volume in January 2016 against the same month last year, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

11 Romanians still receiving medical care in Turkey after car crash

11 out of the 14 Romanian citizens injured in a car accident in Turkey are still hospitalized in Manavgat and Antalya, the Foreign Ministry announced. Nine Romanians are in Manavgat and one of them has undergone surgery, his condition now being serious but stable. Other two persons are in hospitals in Antalya, one in the ICU and another one recovering after a hip surgery. Families of two Romanians who died in the accident are still to decide upon repatriation solutions, according to the FM.
Yesterday, a minibus transporting 16 Romanian citizens was involved in a car crash near the Turkish towns of Manavgat and Akseki. Two passengers died and other 14 were taken to hospitals in the area, Radio Romania reported.

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