March 25th, 2016

Events al Peles Castle to mark 135 years since the declaration of Romanian Kingdom

The Romanian Royal House has announced a series of events that will take place on Saturday, March 26th, to celebrate 135 years since the Declaration of Romanian Kingdom and the anniversary of Margareta Princess, the Crown Keeper. The celebrations are taking place although Romanian King Michael has recently undergone surgery in a hospital in Switzerland. His health has improved, according to the Royal House counselor, Ioan Luca Vlad.
Ioan Luca Vlad: The entire life is a duty for the Royal House and the Crown Keeper, the heir Princess Margareta is simply continuing her father’s work and the plans that were made for this anniversary year.
At the beggining of March, King Michael, aged 94, announced that he would withdraw from the public life and he named Princess Margaret to act in his name in all activities.

Romanian Police Day

The Romanian Police Day was celebrated by IPJ of Ilfov county with a series of activities that took place at the Cultural Center „Ion Manu”. The policemen have showed the laboratory used by the criminalist specialists and presented demonstrative exercises by police-dogs. They also showed service vehicles equipped with traffic surveillance machines used by traffic policemen and collection weapons. At the end of the events, fighters of Special Operations Service have prepared two demonstrations of tactics adopted when a suspect vehicle is intercepted and also how to defuse a crisis situation, in a building where armed and dangerous individuals are hiding.

The Mayor of Bucharest 2nd district has been suspended

Bucharest’s prefect has ordered the suspension of Neculai Ontanu, mayor the Romanian capital’s 2nd district. He gave himself up to be arrested by the police, after Bucharest’s Appeals Courts has admitted the prosecutors’ request to preemptively arrest the mayor for 30 days. Investigators accuse Neculai Ontanu of having received a 1500 square meters land as a bribe, between 2006 and 2007, in order to facilitate the realignment of the property rights of a person who owned several lands, with a total surface of 83,000 square meters.

Mădălina Brotăcel