Wednesday, September 7th

Romanian foreign minister at Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia

Romania’s Foreign Minister Lazăr Comănescu attended the two-day meeting of the Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) in Slovenia. Meetings of the BSF started on Monday, September 5, with debates focused on national and international security. Participants at the 11th edition of the BSF included some 700 delegates from 70 countries or regions and senior representatives of international organisations and NGOs. Addressing the event, Mr. Comănescu expressed his support for a comprehensive unity of the EU based on a positive agenda and a shared vision. „Among other things, we discussed a new global foreign policy, a security policy of the EU. The European project should go on. But it should be reinforced, and this was, I believe, the most important conclusion of the meeting. This reinforcement should come from efforts made by European institutions and governments in their attempt to meet the expectations of EU citizens”, Lazăr Comănescu told Radio Romania on Wednesday.

Another Romanian MP at the DNA

Another Romanian MP has appeared before prosecutors at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) on Wednesday. Dan Motreanu, a former minister and deputy speaker of the country’s House of Deputies, appeared as a witness in a corruption-related probe against Bogdan Olteanu, former deputy governor of Romania’s National Bank. Mr. Motreanu stopped short from making any statement upon his arrival at the DNA headquarters in the capital Bucharest.

Miners’ protest in north-eastern Romania

Some 50 miners working at an uranium mine in Crucea, a village in the north-eastern Romanian county of Suceava, raised a protest at the prefecture headquarters in the county capital on Wednesday. Protesters fear job losses as Romanian authorities are expected to close the mine where more than 500 people are about to lose their jobs. The miners are also claiming their pay rights as they didn’t get paid for five months. The miners also called for the resignation of the heads of Romania’s Uranium National Company.

Queen Mary exhibition at the Cotroceni Palace

„The Queen’s Heart”, an exhibition concerning the life and times of Queen Mary, the last Queen consort of Romania as wife of King Ferdinand I, opens in the Cerchez Hall of the Cotroceni National Museum in the capital Bucharest on Wednesday. The exhibition includes over 40 paintings and drawings representing Queen Mary in the gardens of her homes at Balchik, present Bulgaria, by the Black Sea, and Cotroceni Palace in the Romanian capital. Some paintings also include Queen Mary’s favourite flowers and gardens, landscapes from Balchik and themes inspired by the Queen’s life. As queen she was most popular both in Romania and abroad. One of her nicknames was „Mother of the Wounded”, she was seen as „one of the greatest figures in Romanian history” by Constantin Argetoianu, and in her memory, the Order of the Cross of Queen Mary was established in Romania.

Alexandru Danga, RADOR