News review of the day – June 6

President Iohannis receives highest distinction of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

President Klaus Iohannis has been received today by The Grand Duke of Luxembourg Henri and was bestowed the Order of the Gold Lion, the highest distinction of the Grand Duchy. During the state visit, an exchange program for 2016-2021 in science, technology, education, culture and sports is going to be signed between the Romanian and Luxembourgish governements.
The head of state is going to have talks with high officials to identify bilateral development opportunities in the political, economic or industrial sectors. Another subject on the agenda is the upcomig NATO Summit in Warsaw and the challenges the European Union is currently facing. During the same visit, President Iohannis will meet Luxembourgish bussinesmen and representatives of the financial sector as well as Romanian teachers and students studying at the University of Luxembourg, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

Left-wing party PSD wins local elections, Bucharest to have a woman mayor for the first time

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has secured 45% of all mayor positions around the country in Sunday’s local elections followed by the Liberal party with 35%. The most successful result for the left -wing party, PSD, was in Bucharest, where they won all city halls  followed by the newly formed Save Bucharest Union, which obtained almost 30% of the votes for the General Council. Liberals came only third in the capital.
Former journalist Gabriela Vranceanu Firea, running for the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is the first woman to become mayor of Bucharest. The second runner up was Nicusor Dan , an NGO representative that has been  militating against the corruption. After the score obtained in the elections, Nicusor Dan said the „Save Bucharest Union” will become the „Save Romania Union”.

34-year old firefighter killed by wall collapse during powerful fire outbreak in southern Bucharest

The Prosecutors’ Office attached to Bucharest’s Territorial Tribunal has started a criminal investigation concerning a powerful fire outbreak this morning at a shoe factory in Jilava town, south of the capital, that claimed the life of a 34-year old firefighter, killed by the collapse of a wall. The prosecutors will investigate labor and health safety issues that led to manslaughter. The fire had not yet been put down at 6 PM, after several hours of intervention, and emergency teams believe it could last all night. An additional issue that is currently dealt with by environmental teams is the air pollution triggered by the fire that encompasses a 2000 square-meter area, Radio Romania reported.

Romanian policemen embarking on international mission to France

20 Romanian policemen will support and assist French policemen with investigation of judiciary cases that involve Romanian citizens, during an international mission to France starting today until August 26 – this being the 10th mission of the kind. During the same period, nine Romanian riot-police officers will help preventing public nuisance among Romanian football supporters present at Euro 2016 matches, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

76 people rescued from life-threatening situations during floods in Romania

Weather conditions that triggered heavy rainfall and floods in Romania have become stable, according to an announcement made today by the Interior Ministry. Over the last two weeks, several orange-code warnings for heavy rains have been issued for 31 counties and dozen other red-code warnings for rising river levels and floods. 5.000 firemen and military policemen have formed response teams to limit the aftermath of the floods and save lives. 76 people have been rescued from life-threatening situations, according to minister Petre Toba.

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