Tuesday, May 22nd

Romania’s priorities for the rotating presidency of the European Union Council

The Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu has said on Tuesday, during a debate on challenges that lie at Europe’s borders, that a top objective of the Romanian Presidency of the European Union, due in 2019, will be to revise the Neighborhood Policy. This will be based on creating a trust and security area, in cooperation with partners at European borders. Other objectives for Romania include placing the Eastern Partnership among priorities, as well as stimulating EU’s accession agreements with countries like Moldova, Melescanu added. The Foreign Minister also said that Romania wanted to support Moldova’s European integration from all points of view, but he underlined that the decision is up to Moldova’s citizens, who will vote in legislative elections this year.

Romania cannot afford the luxury to give up on European Union projects, European Commissioner Corina Cretu says

The European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Cretu, has said during a visit to the Romanian city of Bacau that Romania cannot afford the luxury to give up on European Union projects. During a dialogue with citizens on the future of Europe and the cohesion policy, Corina Cretu has said that she expects Romania to file more important projects to the European Commissions. Corina Cretu has deplored that Romania has only filed four major projects, since her mandate as European commissioner started.
Corina Cretu: I believe that we cannot afford the luxury to leave this European project; on the contrary, we have to defend it, we have to struggle. The cohesion policy, that I am in charge of, contributes with around 60% of all public investments in Romania. So, that is why I am here, in the poorest area of Romania, but also one of the poorest in Europe, to help local authorities overcome this historical disparity in development and improve the lives of these citizens.

The General Prosecutor’s Office has extended the prosecution against the Former Romanian President Ion Iliescu in the „Revolution” case

The General Prosecutor’s Office has decided to extend the prosecution against the Former President Ion Iliescu in the „Revolution” case and for deeds committed between 22nd and 27th of December, 1989. The former president was summoned at the General Prosecution’s Office on Thursday, in order to be informed of the new indictments. They include the creation of the Extraordinary Military Tribunal that has judged Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. Originally, Ion Iliescu was indicted for crimes against humanity, committed between the 27th and 31st of December, 1989, when he was the President of the National Salvation Front Council. Other individuals prosecuted in the same case are the Former Prime Minister Petre Roman and Former Deputy Prime Minister Gelu Voican Voiculescu. Prosecutors have announced progress in the investigation, in December 2017, as there were clarifications on the escape of the Ceausescu couple and the way the military diversion was triggered and carried out, causing numerous deaths.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR