Wednesday, August 8th 2018

Farmers living in the districts where African swine fever focal points were detected forced to burn the crops touched by infected pigs

Farmers living in the districts where African swine fever focal points were detected will have to burn the crops touched by the infected pigs and decontaminate the area – according to an order signed by the Agriculture minister, Petre Daea. All agricultural and non-agricultural areas in the regions contaminated by infected wild boars will be verified before harvest and will be isolated. The owners or users of the infields must decontaminate the machines and use devices to spread disinfectant substances. The virus has been confirmed in 98 towns, in eight districts.

Teodor Meleşcanu, the Romanian foreign minister, announced that the document concerning the transfer of the Romanian embassy in Israel is finalized

The foreign minister, Teodor Meleşcanu, announced that the document analyzing the possibility and opportunity to move the Romanian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is finalized and will soon be presented to the president and government. He explained that the analysis contains both the advantages and disadvantages of this step:
Teodor Meleşcanu: This document was conceived by MAE, along with a number of ministries and specialized services. We tried to write on two columns the advantages, the disadvantages, the legal issues that such an initiative raises, given that there is the 478 Security Council resolution that directly states that all countries must have the embassies in Tel Aviv.

Three Romanian citizens were wounded by the explosion in the Italian city of Bologna

Three Romanian citizens were wounded by the explosion near the Italian airport of Bologna – according to the announcement made by the Foreign Minister in Bucharest that monitors the situation. The three people were hospitalized for medical care, but only one of them remained in the hospital. The Romanian Consulate in Bologna didn’t receive assistance solicitations. One person died and 70 were wounded, among which 15 are in a serious condition, in the accident that occurred two days ago. The police have launched an investigation, trying to determine why, in spite the strict regulations, this accident occurred. This route is used for much of the traveling towards the South of Italy and the North-Eastern Venice.

The International Space Station flies over Bucharest

The International Space Station flies over Bucharest every evening, until the 23rd of August. It is visible to the naked eye but the window of visibility is limited to a few minutes, says Adrian Şonca, a coordinator at the Bucharest Astronomical Observatory.
Adrian Şonca: The International Space Station can be seen as a simple star, but a moving one, among other stars. It does not have navigation lights, as planes do, so it simply has a constant light, it appears, stays at its maximum brightness, and then disappears after three-four minutes at most. The important thing is that the space station is very bright, brighter than any star that is visible at that moment. With a 10-15 times magnifying binocular, some details can be seen, such as the fact that the station has an oblong shape.
Because the time window in which the space station is visible above Bucharest is short, it is important to know the time when it appears on the sky of our capital. Tonight, it can be seen beginning with 21:26, for four minutes. NASA has a special service that helps those interested to find out the time of visibility.

Alexandra Ioniţă- Rador