Thursday, August 30th 2018

Doctors stress that, according to the law, parents don’t have to present a full set of tests for the children, before school starts

Doctors made an announcement to the parents, to let them know that the law does not ask them to make a full set of tests for the children, before school. Sandra Alexiu, President of the General Practitioners Association in Bucharest and Ilfov, draws attention that any such solicitation from an education institution represents an abuse. She reminded that any certificate from the general practitioner, except for those emitted after the examination of the child, in the medical cabinet, is paid for.
„The file for the school registration must contain a certificate that testifies to a child’s health. Actually, a doctor sees the child, determines that the child is healthy and states that he can enter the collectivity. Of course this has to happen immediately before entering the collectivity. That is why the certificate is valid for 24, maximum 72 hours, if a weekend is included. The one certifying the state of health of a child is the doctor of the community, according to the law. So, if there is a school doctor, then all children come to the cabinet, they are seen by the doctor and the doctor decides: the child can enter the community”, said Sandra Alexiu.
She also mentioned that only when a new cycle of tuition begins the student must take to school a more complex file, containing all data about the diseases he had had, if thatis the case, or about the vaccination status.

Braşov – a city of music and books

These days, Braşov is a city of music and books. In The Council Square, an anniversary edition of The International Music Festival The Golden Stag is taking place, bringing in the spot light artists from Romania and abroad. At the same time, in Saint John Square (Piaţa „Sfântul Ioan”), Gaudeamus book fair, organized by Radio Romania, brings a rich offer of titles, most of them with a discount.
Today is the first day of the contest at The Golden Stag and 18 contestants will come on the stage. All of them will perform the first of the two songs they present and, afterwards, Lidia and Flavius Teodosiu, Loredana and Amy Macdonald will perform.
Radio Romania coproduces The Golden Stag Festival, organized by the public television.

Emergency children Hospital ”Grigore Alexandrescu” in Bucharest resumes a program of surgical treatment for children with heart congenital malformations

Emergency children Hospital ”Grigore Alexandrescu” in Bucharest resumes a program of surgical treatment for children with heart congenital malformations, said surgeon Felix Negoiţescu for AGERPRES
„We have had six missions so far, this is the seventh. The program takes place with doctors and medical staff from USA and Israel. Four missions came from USA, two from Israel and two other missions, only from USA, will follow. One in October and one in February, next year. So far, the average was of ten children per mission, so around 60 children have been operated on until now. Starting this year, children have also been treated using cardiac catheterization, other 20 children have been diagnosed and treated”, Felix Negoiţescu also said.
He explained that this is a program in which doctors from other countries come and work with the medical personnnell in ”Grigore Alexandrescu” Hospital, at the pediatric cardiac surgery section.
„The program has training and collaboration purposes. Everything is for free and is offered by Rotary International Foundation”, Negoiţescu added.
The selection for eligible patients will take place between August 31st and September 11th.
Appointments can be made calling 0753.301.108, Monday to Friday, between 8:30 and 14:30.

Alexandra Ioniţă – RADOR