January 18th

Romania’s tenure at the helm of the European Union was the subject of a debate in Paris, on Thursday

Romania’s six months presidency at the European Union Council was the subject of a debate that took place on Thursday evening, at the House of Europe, in Paris. The host of the debate was Catherine Lalumière, a woman with a huge political career, dedicated to the European project, in which she continues to believe. As a Secretary General of the Council of Europe, in 1993, when Romania was accepted in the first European structure, Mrs. Lalumière has recalled seeing the Romanian delegation in tears during that event. Speaking to Radio Romania, she has said that she is optimistic about Romania’s performance at the EU Council Presidency.
Catherine Lalumière: This presidency is a challenge. It will be difficult. We are going through a troubled and complex time, but I am sure that Romania will make a very successful presidency; it is perfectly capable of that.
After presenting the priorities and the importance of this mission that Romania took on, the Romanian Ambassador to Paris, Luca Niculescu, has assured those who took part in the debate and asked tens of questions that Romanians are very committed to the European project and acknowledge the immense opportunity is represents for them and for the country. During these six months, the relation between France and Romania will be enhanced within the EU framework.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is on a working visit to Israel

The Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is on a working visit to Israel, where she has met her Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu. According to a statement from the government, the meeting was used to emphasize the excellent bilateral relations and there were discussions on a possible common session of the two governments, in the first part of this year. The head of the Romanian executive also reconfirmed Romania’s interest to boost relations with Israel, in areas such as strategic cooperation, cyber-security and energy security, medicine, research and innovation. The two prime-ministers also talked about possible ways of cooperation between the two countries, inclusively from the perspective of Romania’s Presidency at the European Union Council. They have also analyzed aspects of the current international situation, the statement from Victoria Palace says. Viorica Dancila’s visit to Israel was not previously announced and didn’t figure on her public agenda.

Dacia has had the best performance in its history, in 2018

The Romanian carmaker Dacia has registered the best performance in its history in 2018, with total sales of more than 700 units, 7% more than the level it reached in 2017. Sales on the foreign markets rose by 5.5%, to over 600,000 cars. Its most important performance was in Europe, where Dacia sold more than 500,000 vehicles and features on the 14th position in the hierarchy of the best sold brands on the continent. Historic records of sales were in France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Belgium. Dacia also sold almost 50,000 vehicles in Morocco. On the internal market, 55,000 Romanians chose to buy a car made by the Mioveni constructor.

Mădălina Brotăcel