April 23rd 2019

International Day of The Book, at The Triumphal Arch

This evening, at 19:00, a new edition of „The Night of Open Books” will begin at the Triumphal Arch, in Bucharest, and will last until midnight. This will be a unique occasion to discover this monument. It will host interesting spaces for reading and books for all ages. Starting at 20:00, a lights show will transform the exterior of the Triumphal Arch in a huge virtual library. Those who will attend the event are requested to bring a book from their own library. All volumes will be gathered, selected and donated to poor communities.

Mobile phones could be used to find missing people

Thanks to a draft law that is being worked on by the Minister of Internal Affairs, missing people could be localized using their mobile phones. Now, this is not possible, as the Criminal Procedure Code only allows it for people who are suspected for crimes. The draft will be publicly debated next month.
According to data provided by the police, last year almost 7 800 people were declared missing, most of them children. Following investigations, more than 5000 were found and, at the end of last year, 2600 cases had remained unsolved. The approval of the draft law would help decrease the time to find a missing person.
In 97% of the cases for under age people who go missing, the subjects leave on purpose, most of them are teenagers and police mostly blame the cases on lack of parental surveillance, lack of communication and bad entourage.

Two Romanian banks launch a banking service called „Instant Payments”

The banking service called „Instant Payments”, which assures money transfer in less than 10 seconds, has been launched by two Romanian banks, the first Romanian financial institutions to introduce the service in their offer. Clients will be able to transfer lei, in real time, towards Romanian banks that stick to this technology, 24/7 any day of the year, no matter if it’s a weekend or a legal holiday.
Using „Instant Payments”, clients of the two banks will be able to make confortable and safe payments. As other banks will introduce this new scheme, transactions will be able to be made to their clients also. This way, clients can instantly pay for goods ad services they buy online, to make instant payments to a supplier or other destinations. The maximum pay in the system is of 50 000 lei. Transfond company, who has developed the system, announced that, shortly, a new service will be launched, through which clients will be able to make payments only knowing someone’s phone number, instead of the IBAN code.

Alexandra Ioniţă, RADOR