Monday, July 1st

Romania”s parliament meets in extraordinary session

Romania’s parliament is meeting on Monday in a one-week extrordinary session aimed at bringing changes to current election law. The agenda also includes appointment of members in the National Bank (BNR)’s Board of Directors and the country’s Fiscal Council. BNR is run by a nine-member Board of Directors. Its members are appointed by parliament for a 5-year mandate that may be renewed. The Fiscal Council is an independent authority designed to provide expertise and ensure transparency of the country’s public finances. The parliament is also expected to appoint the new president of the National Audiovisual Council (CNA), the body responsible for regulating the audiovisual sector in Romania and for ensuring that TV and radio operate in an environment of free speech, responsibility, and competitiveness.

Romania ends its mandate at the EU Presidency

Romania officially ended its mandate as President of the EU Council on June 30. It was the first time when the country held the position since it joined the EU in January 2007. The Romanian Presidency opened a Trio of Presidencies which also included Finland and Croatia and marked the final Presidency acting throughout the current legislative cycle of the European Parliament. The 6 month-madate allowed Romania to close some 90 major EU files while also promoting an image of the country through cultural and tourist events. Romania was praised for its achievements as EU president, the country’s EU ambassador Luminiţa Odobescu told Radio Romania.

Moldova”s PM on a visit to Bucharest

The prime minister of the former Soviet Republic of Moldova is expected to Romania’s capital Bucharest for an official visit on Tuesday. Prime Minister Maia Sandu will hold talks with Romanian officials aimed at establishing joint projects in energy field though talks will also include issues concerning scholarships for Moldovan students in Romania. „We would like to further ensurre a co-operation in educational and cultural fields as I believe that things could be quickly achieved to the benefit of our citizens”, Ms Sandu told Radio Romania. The Moldovan PM is visiting Romania following an invitation by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

New legal troubles for a Romanian mayor

Ther mayor of the Romanian north-western town of Baia Mare was unable to justify more than RON 2,700 milions in his bank accounts – the difference between his personal asset and money earned as city mayor. The announcement was made by Romania’s National Integrity Agency (ANI) on Monday and refers to Cătălin Cherecheş, the Baia Mare mayor reelected in 2016 despite being in jail at the time for bribery. ANI made a complaint to a committee in the local Appeal Court. Mr Cherecheş, member of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD), is also accused of false statement in the case of an alleged €500,000 loan to a private person.

Alexandru Danga