News review of the day – December 22nd

Meeting between the Romanian President and the Prime Minister

The Romanian President Klaus Johannis has invited, today, at Cotroceni Palace, the Prime Minister Victor Ponta to discuss , inter alia, about the  government priorities and the cooperation between the Presidency and the  Government. The newly elected President has announced that very soon he will invite to consultations the political parties in order to decide, together, what country goals they target and a timetable with steps and actions.

 Survey conducted by Visa Europe on payment conduct of SMEs 

Almost half of the owners of small and medium size enterprises in Romania want to be in total control of their business management, although they do not feel ready to make complex financial decisions, according to a survey  conducted by Visa Europe on payment conduct by small and medium size firms. The survey also shows that over 50 percent of the SMEs have difficulties in managing cash flow, and almost 60 percent think that it is a challenge to keep a clear record of finances. Cash is still the most common form of payment in Romania, given that the vast majority of payments made ​​by small and medium size enterprises in the country are in cash.

Norwegian aid for Roma population in Cilibia village 

The Roma population from Cilibia village, county of Buzau, which is living from selling bricks they make, receive aid from abroad. It is a grant from the Norwegian Government for the construction of a day care center. The Norwegians are involved in the Roma children’s education – says Mayor of Cilibia, Ion Enache – and they provide them a daily hot meal. The project starts running today, and the Roma in Cilibia will benefit from using Norwegian aid in a few months. This is the first social project which is run in the largest Roma community in Buzau County in the last 25 years.

Cultural Distinction Diploma for Dan Manolache

The Romanian Academy has awarded the anchor from Radio Romania Cultural, Dan Manolache, the Cultural Distinction Diploma for Reflecting the scientific activity of the Romanian Academy and its research institutions. Dan Manolache has been program director at Radio Romania since 1990. He has created over 1,000 history shows and hundreds of science programs. Mr Manolache was the coordinator of the Science team (1991-1994), Head of Department of Science – Teaching – Education Editorial Board (1994-1996), Deputy Editor-in-chief of the Literature – Art – Science Department(1996-2001) , Editor-in-chief of the Science News Room.

Natalia Polikarpov