Monday, 7th of October

PNL relies on 244 votes to dismiss Viorica Dăncilă”s Cabinet

The National Liberal Party, which initiated the censorship motion that will be debated and voted on in Parliament’s plenary on Thursday, relies on 244 votes to dismiss Viorica Dăncilă’s cabinet – liberal leader Ludovic Orban said yesterday in Focşani. He said that, besides the 237 signatories of the document, there are seven other parliamentarians who have promised to vote for the current government’s departure. Ludovic Orban also said that the liberals are ready for both early elections or to take over the government until next year’s parliamentary election. On the other hand, the PSD claims that it relies on the votes of other colleagues in Parliament, to prevent the adoption of the motion. Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă reaffirmed that the move will lead to a failure and accused the opposition of not showing political responsibility. She also announced that on Friday, one day after the debate and vote on the censorship motion, a government meeting will be held, in which the budgetary rectification for 2019 will also be adopted./opopescu

The use of the mobile phone by drivers will be punished with fines of over 1,000 lei

The Police reminds that at the end of this week modifications to the Road Code will enter into force, according to which the use of the mobile phone at the wheel will be punished with fines of over 1,000 lei and even with the suspension of the driving license for 30 days. These days, traffic prevention actions are taking place, drivers are stopped to draw attention to the new rules that will apply from October 12. When driving a moving vehicle on public roads, the driver of the vehicle is prohibited from holding in his hands or using in any way the mobile phone or any mobile device provided with the function of recording or rendering text, photo or video./opopescu

The Transports Minister Răzvan Cuc announced traffic controls and additional safety measures

The Transports Minister Răzvan Cuc announced traffic controls and additional safety measures, in the context of the serious road accident that took place on Saturday morning near Slobozia, with 10 people dead. Today, a mixed group of representatives of the Police and of the State Inspectorate for Control in Road Transport will be formed, in order to examine the tachographs, to verify the respect of rest times by professional drivers. On the other hand, the representatives of the shops where the women who died in the accident worked wrote on a socializing page that three days of mourning will be kept throughout the company and that steps are being taken to support the bereaved families. We recall that on Saturday, a minibus carrying a group of women to work was hit by a lorry that entered on the other side of the road. Ten people were killed and seven others were seriously injured./opopescu