Monday, May 10

Romania’s Monarchy Day

Romania celebrates its Monarchy Day on Monday. On May 10, 1866, the Prussian Prince Karl Eitel of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, descendant of one of the oldest European reigning houses, arrived in Bucharest as Prince of the United Principalities of Moldova and Wallachia and took his oath in front of the country’s Parliament. From 1866 – 1916, and  1918 until 1947, the day of May 10th was uninterruptedly the modern Romania’s National Day while remaining associated with the country’s monarchy. Is is the first time when the day is celebrated at the Royal Family’s residence in the north-western town of Săvîrșin, in Arad county. Celebrations will include a concert performed by Arad Philarmonic with visting hours scheduled  on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until October 1, between 9 AM and 6 PM. Built between 1650 and 1680, the Royal Castle of Săvîrșin is now the residence of the Romanian Royal Family. Dstroyed during a revolt in 1784 and the 1848 Revolution, the castle was rebuilt in the 19th century in Neo-Classic style before becoming property of King Michael I (Mihai I) in 1943.

The throne of Romania’s King Carol goes public for the first time

Romanian audiences are allowed to see the throne on Romania’s King Carol I for the first time after more than 70 years on Monday. The event is hosted by Romania’s National Art Museum and the Golești Museum. Carol became King of Romania in 1866, and his reign lasted for 48 years, the longest in Romanian history. He died in 1914. Free of charge visits of the so-called Historic Spaces, inclundng the Hall of the Throne, the Royal Dining Room and the Kings’ Stairs, are scheduled on Monday.

Eastern European NATO summit in Bucharest

US President Joe Biden will attend a virtual summit of East-European NATO countries held in Romania’s capital Bucharest on Monday. The meeting is expected to focus on security issues in the Black Sea and Ukraine. The summit of the so-called Bucharest Nine will be jointly hosted by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and Poland’s President Andrzej Duda. Mr. Biden, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the presidents of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia  are expected to attend the event. The issue under debate – an increased security help for Kyiv after Russia moved troops near its border with Ukraine.

Romania coronavirus updates

Romania reported 620 new coronavirus cases on Monday, with 68 deaths (34 men, 34 women), and 962 people under intensive care. In the capital Bucharest, the number of new cases hit 185, according to data issued by the country’s Strategic Communication Group (GCS). With its 48 cases reported, the southern county of Ilfov is leader among other counties across the country. Ilfov is followed by Constantza (south-eastern Romania) with 38 cases, and Sibiu (central Romania) with 34 cases.

Alexandru Danga